The Purge Movie Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do whatever you what for one night and get away with it?

The Purge puts this question into perspective with a twist. Most people would not go out and murder the less fortunate, but it leads to a interesting storyline to think about.

The Purge is set in 2022, were unemployment is at an all time low and crime as well, due to one night out of the year where anything goes for 12 hours for the american society to flourish and maintain its economic state.

The film was refreshing and different than other horror movies. I have never seen another movie like it.   It has a good theme but lacked execution. The movie did not really explore the idea in great detail.

I was expecting a lot more from this movie. I was hoping for a different perceptive more about how the whole nation reacts to this more than just one family.

This narrows there ability to explore the idea of the purge, ended up being like any other  home invasion horror film.

I will give the creators props on a well done house invasion genre. It was thrilling to watch. You never knew what was going to happen in parts of the invasion. Just like any other horror movie some situations were  predictable.

The masked killers in this film are not anything new. When they are outside the house waiting for the family they do some of the same themes that were done in several other horror movies.

This film had little to no character development. The only character we know anything about is the father in this film who sells security systems and was very successful and has an even better system than everyone else due to him making the systems. As we all know, something goes wrong for crazy killers to get in.

The Purge was an overall a thriller kept you on the edge of your seat. Kept you entertained throughout the film.  It had a great storyline to explore and had the potential to be an out standing film. The downside to the film was after the you walked out of the doors of the theater you were left wondering “that’s it?”

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to see a great thriller. Do not expect a great storyline.

Brandon Lang


3 thoughts on “The Purge Movie Review

  1. The Purge has been on my list of movies that I must watch for some time now. However, I liked that you gave constructive criticism on what the movie needed to make it better. If you could offer any idea or specific directions to the directors to improve the movie, what would they be? I really enjoy movies and the concept from this particular movie isn’t one that I have seen before. The fact that it doesn’t have a catching story line and dynamic character development is disappointing. Thank you for information, I will keep that in mind when I watch the movie.

    • Thank you for your comments. On the question you asked I would say that I would like the director to focus more on how the whole city is dealing with the purge throughout the night instead of on a family that hides out in there home you can only get some much out of it. If the family was not cooped up for the whole purge then this movie could have been more successful. Maybe have the family run out of there house and encounter several near death situations and show how the city would look like on the night of the purge. Thanks for your question and time.

  2. I have somewhat wanted to go and see this movie for a while now, but now I am even more excited. I enjoy thrillers so I am excited to go see it. I somewhat am suprised that they didnt go further on the storyline like you said. It’s always sad when people come up with such a great idea but never actually do all that is capable of being done with the idea. They somehow never fullfill what is expected of them, but when they do it makes for a great movie. Ill have to go see this movie, thanks for the review.

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