Cloudy With No Meatballs

Where to start at with all of the wrong in “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs”. I went in to the movie with high expectations, but came out just a little disappointed. The movie was not a totally disappointment but it could have been better.

I thought that the movie was going to be just as funny as the first one or even funnier; there weren’t any moments where the funny animated comedy came out. It had its funny parts, but I was looking for the type of funny that made you laugh so hard it made you cry. The second one had a lot of knee slappers, real corn ball type jokes.

Also, the producer tried to go with a more adult story line than a basic funny kid movie. The first film was easier to understand what was going on. In the second film you had to put the pieces together to understand what was happening.

Do not get me wrong I loved the movie, just thought it was missing something. I really cannot put my finger on it, but It sure could have used one more thing. The film had an interesting vibe to it, like a suspenseful kiddy movie, because I never knew what was going to happen next .

I found the use of the” Foodamals” very intriguing. The use of animals and fruits together to make a name is very creative: Cantelopes, Watermelophants, Shripanzies, and Piethons. I give the producer two thumbs up for that part of the movie.

Overall the movie was not bad, but it was not all what it had been hyped up to be. I hope if a third movie comes out it is like the first one. I was really looking forward to falling out my seat with laughter. I would still advise people to go see it. Maybe you will find it more appealing than I did.


5 thoughts on “Cloudy With No Meatballs

  1. Marlin,
    I was super excited to go see this movie, and I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy it very well! I agree that sometimes you go into a movie expecting something, and then leave with a feeling of disappointment. Animated movies are one of my favorites, so it makes me sad that this movie may not be as good as I hope. I have heard some different opinions of it, and so i guess I will just have to watch it myself! Oh and also puns make movies 10x more funny! Nice job though.


    • Thank you. I am pretty sure you will love the movie if you love puns as much as you do. Its a good movie i just wanted more out of it.

  2. Marlin,
    This gave me a good idea of what I should expect if I decide to go and see this movie in the future. If I do wish to see it I think I’ll wait to rent it out on DVD so I won’t have to spend so much money and I can watch it with my little sister back home. Did they end the movie to make it seem like there will be a sequel? If they do make a sequel to this one I hope it’s more to your liking and that you greatly enjoy it.

    Alexandria Parker

  3. Bro we was supposed to go watch that together no homo. I heard it was decent but now im gunna wait to see it on Netflix. sorry it didn’t live up to your expectation

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