How to know when it’s time to break up with him.

images                   How to know when it’s time to break up with him.

We all have that one friend that lets her boyfriend get away with anything some may call this “blinded by the love,” but it’s clear to you he obviously doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Or maybe you’re that friend that everyone thinks is crazy because you don’t see the signs of when its time to break up with him.


When he says “ I feel weird about us”

Ladies, don’t let this fool you into thinking you’re doing something wrong. This is just his way of trying to get the upper hand in the relationship and make you worry about all the things “you’re doing wrong.” But really he’s thinking hard about if this relationship is worth it or not. If he has to think about it, then he’s obviously weighing his options.

He just doesn’t have time

School has started and he is swamped with homework and wanting to hanging out with the guys. This is just his way of distancing himself from you until you start complaining about never seeing him. If he wants to see you he’ll make time for you even if it’s for lunch or a quick phone call or face time.

When he’s with “her” but not on purpose

He and the boys are having a guys night, so you make plans with a bunch of girls. You both go out have your fun, but when you’re texting the next day he tells you his ex was there, but of course he didn’t know girls were invited or he would have told you.  This is sketchy! He could have called, sent you a text inviting you to come join the fun, or he could have left when she shows up.

Giving his number to other girls

So what, he gives his number to a couple girls so they can “come party” with everyone later. This is a bunch of crap. He is exploring his options right in front of your face. Texting other girls to see what it’s like being single and seeing “if he’s still got it” before he actually has to break it off with you.

His top three friends on snapchat are girls

We all know snapchat can be harmless and funny, but at the same time this cool app can also be used for other things. Let’s not be stupid. If his top three friends on snapchat are girls and not one of them are you, there is something wrong with this. You should be the only girl he should be snapchatting on a regular basis.

“He finds every other girl attractive”

So you finally talk to him because things have been awkward lately. He expresses how he has been feeling and says he finds every other girl at school attractive. Although it was respectful of him to tell you the truth, don’t feel bad ladies this is a problem with a lot of guys, but your boyfriend is just the jerk that actually tells you about it. This is his way of hurting you, making you feel like he can do better.

“Love you” to “love ya”

You and your boyfriend say “ I love you” every night before bed. He starts saying “love ya.” this is his way of letting you know something is wrong. By him not saying he loves you when things are rough makes him feel better for not “leading you on” before he breaks up with you.

Ladies, we have all heard the phrase there are plenty of fish in the sea because there are! So instead of waiting around for him to decide if he wants to be with you or not, pick up the signs and make him sing those famous lines by Bruno Mars “ I should of bought your flowers” and end it with him.

 Picture by Justin Prugh

Article wrote by Mariah Wedel



6 thoughts on “How to know when it’s time to break up with him.

  1. Uhhhhh Mariah thats your name right? Well I would like to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog for about the third time. But it had some really good points and went in to explination of all your points. I also connected with some of your points so I was really able to get into what you were saying. But I know there are some guys out there that would not agree with anything you say but good job.

    • Oh Chaise its always a joy hearing from you.I’m glad you agreed with some of my points,I am actually surprised that you think I made some pretty good points. I did not expect this blog to be very popular with the guys because its exactly what they do. If I were you chaise I would suggest not letting any girls read my blog it might mess up your game a little bit. Sorry about it!

  2. Mariahwedel,
    In my opinion many aspects of this post are either common sense, or extremely biased. Hopefully many girls would know when it was time to end a relationship, but I also think some of the signs you are describing could be misinterpreted. If I were to improve your article, I would have tried to also write about the mans perspective on the topic. There are many things women do that are signs for break up as well. Overall I feel like you have the right idea, but some things need to be added to really complete this. Good article overall.

    • Actually there are a lot of girls that do not know when to end a relationship. Therefore thats why I wrote this blog. Yes, I agree some of it can be misinterpreted, in any way you want. But 90% of the time, my blog is correct on the signs. I would have wrote this in a mans perspective but sorry I am girl. I wrote this from my perspective. This was a blog not a huge article in the paper I did not really have room for the mans perspective let alone do I know it. There is nothing that needed to be added to make this complete. Read any big time magazine made for girls, and their advice column is put together just like mine short and sweet. I am glad this blog got your attention though. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Good job Mariah! Your article was really fun and easy to read. By going into detail with each of your points, it made it easy to relate to what you were saying.

  4. Hands down Mariah with no doubt you have the best blog. Coming from a guy’s perspective this was right on point. You nailed every single detail. The break down of the paragraphs with the sub headers make the reading very easy and understandable. I am a fan of you blogging now.

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