How to Become a MLB Pitcher

“STRIKE THREE!”  There is nothing better for a pitcher, then to hear the umpire call out strike three.  Pitching is the most exciting position to play.  When it’s the bottom of the 9th inning and you’re up on the mound pitching, all eyes are on you and everyone is is rooting for you on the team.  You then strike the batter out for the 3rd out, there is no better feeling.  Some people may believe that pitching is not hard, but they are all mistaken.  If you want to be able to be a good pitcher, then you have to learn how to throw different styles of pitches, but most important of all, you have to learn the proper pitching mechanics.

In the game of baseball you can’t get away with throwing just one pitch.  You have to be able to mix  it up and keep the batter guessing what your next pitch is going to be, because that is when you can fool the batter.  There are too many pitches to explain how to hold them so here is a website that shows you how.

Now I want to talk about pitching mechanics.  The first thing to pitching is the wind-up. You start with both of your feet on the mound facing straight.  You then take a small step backwards and put your weight back so that you can lift up your right foot and place it beside the rubber.  This will give you something to push off of when you throw the ball.

The next big step is balance.  Balance is everything when you are pitcher.  If you do not have good balance then it makes it harder to consistently throw strikes.  The picture above is a good example of balance.  After you have started your wind-up and your right foot is next to the rubber, you now bring your leg up to a good balance point.  You want to get into the position where you could stay balanced all day.

Once you have gotten your balanced position figured out, it is time to start working downhill.  You stride out with your left leg.  As you are striding out,  you start to throw the ball.  If you watch baseball you will see that many pitchers throw the ball at different angles with their arm.  The best angle to have. is between a 90 to a 70 degree angle.

The final step is the follow through. You have now planted your left foot and are now in the middle of throwing the ball.  What you want to do is to extend your throwing arm out as far as you can and just let the ball glide off your wrist.  Let your leg move forward from the downward motion.

Pitching is not something that you can just pick up and be good at, it’s something that you have to spend hours everyday working on. It may take some time to get all of the mechanics down good, but when you do, it will all go together and throwing strikes will be easy.  Has this information been helpful to teach you how to pitch?  Would like to hear back from you or answer any additional questions you might have.


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