Miami Heat: Could they Be One Of The Best Teams in History

                   In all honesty who is better: Lebron or Jordan? The 1984-85 Bulls or the Miami Heat? Better yet, what about the 1972 Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat? Lebron said “ Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, Not 5, Not 6, Not 7.” The Miami Heat already crossed off “Not 2” just waiting to see what this season brings to be able to cross off “Not 3.” People around the US always think a recent team could never compare to one of the teams from way back when, but this is false because the Miami Heat are on the road to becoming one of the best teams ever in history. While the past two seasons the Big 3 Wade, Lebron and Bosh have led the Miami Heat to back to back Championship seasons.

Eric Spoelstra, one of the youngest coaches working his way from video coordinator for the Miami Heat up to the head coach, has lead his team to 3 NBA Championships, but only winning 2 out of the 3. While Coach Spoelstra being one of the youngest coaches also had many conflicts with the team when it came to making sure everyone was okay with the role they were giving and would be able to accept that role so the Heat could be a championship team. Noticing by the two gigantic rings and the nice gold trophy the Miami Heat organization has acquired over the past two years says that the Heat are headed in the right direction.

Recently, the Miami have invested in some great players to play for them in the ‘13-14 season. Miami Heat have picked up NO.2 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft: Michael Beasley and big man Greg Oden. While the Heat let go of Mike Miller after last season due to back injuries, he was a big loss because he was magnificent from behind the arch. With that being said, the Miami Heat still have the record holder in three pointers made in the NBA Finals that player is the deadly Ray Allen.
With the season just now kicking off with Training Camps, the Miami Heat are #1 in the preseason rankings for the second year in a row. Now before you go criticizing on the Miami Heat and Lebron James,Just think about how the past two seasons have ended. The Miami Heat has been on top. Who do you think can compete with the two time, back to back reigning champs, Miami Heat?


3 thoughts on “Miami Heat: Could they Be One Of The Best Teams in History

  1. Hello Chase, I was intrigued by your article due to the fact of the Jordan/LeBron debate. This debate has been going on for years and in some ways I agree with your post, in others not so much. The Miami Heat have been one of the best teams the past few years but with teams catching on to this signing big names to one team is becoming popular. The Nets this offseason have acquired Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce to accompany Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez. With this happening more teams will catch on and push the Heat out of the ring for several years. But overall great article.

    • You make a good point by saying teams are going to catch up. But when you think about it the guys that the Brooklyn Nets acquired are going to be retiring the next year or two. So when you think about it is age going to take over the nets or a team like the spurs or a team with a bunch of veterans or are team going to start getting young allstars?

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