Good Grades and Little Stress!

Ever get stressed out about keeping good grades while being a college athlete? Well, I’m here to tell you how to keep those grades high and stress levels low!

Of course when being a student athlete the student part always comes first. There is no way to be an athlete without getting good grades and how to do that is to:

1. Go to class.

I don’t know how many times that was reiterated to me my freshman year of college. Without the grades there is no way for you to be an athlete.

There were some athletes in my classes that thought that just because they were athletes they didn’t need to show up for class. The professors are there to educate you and that is their main focus they don’t really care if you’re an athlete you still need to show up for class.

2. Do your homework.

A lot of times those homework grades are the only other grades in the books besides the final exam in some classes. If you fail to do the homework you may not pass the class.

The excuses of “I don’t have enough time” or “I’m way to busy” will not work here because you need to make time for being a student as well as an athlete.


3. Manage your time wisely.

With college comes a lot of free time that you didn’t have while being stuck at home with your parents. You are on your own now and are in charge of your life and time.

I personally am a very organized person and I encourage everyone to have some type of organizational skill before they go to college. With being organized it helped me see what things I had to do during the day, when assignments were due, when games were, and things such as that.

There will be a ton of activities on the college campus and off campus activities but remember you don’t have to attend them all. You may think you have to go to all of them to be cool and involved in the school,but with too much involvement comes less time for your schoolwork. Once you lose that time with your schoolwork you’re eventually not in school anymore.

4. Stay out of trouble.

College will have tons of temptations. There will be parties about every weekend and of course with parties comes drinking.

I had a friend that got caught at a party the very first weekend of school. Not only did she get in trouble with the police she got in trouble with the school. She had to do community service, along with a couple other things, and had to sit out her very first college softball game. That put a lot of stress on her the first couple weeks of school, which wasn’t much fun for her.

5. Have fun.

Even though college is really about getting an education you always have to have some time for fun. What ever your idea of fun is make sure you schedule some time in there for fun because you will make memories in college that stay with you for a life time.

Here is a blog post related to the stress and grades of being a college athlete:

These five steps helped me stay focused and get good grades along with helping out with my stress levels. Do you have any other suggestions to help college athletes keep good grades and lower stress?

Paige Phillips


4 thoughts on “Good Grades and Little Stress!

  1. Paige! I love your tips! Time management is key to being a college student. Using your time wisely and keeping your homework done. One thing you may have forgot is to keep in touch with your professors, keep them updated when your sick or when you may be gone for sports. Email or a phone call they love when you keep in contact makes them feel like your really trying. Staying out of trouble is a very funny one mam! But staying out of trouble is a big factor!

  2. Hey Paige! These are some really great tips, that I can apply to my own schedule even though I’m not an athlete. I had a few questions, however. You mention managing your time wisely, what method works best for you? You also say to have fun, but stay out of trouble. What kind of activities have you found around campus (and in the community) that help you fulfill these two steps?

    Thanks for the help,
    Kayla O.

    • Kayla,

      To manage my time I have a white board in my room and I put up my schedule each day then when I come back to my room after classes I know what else I have left for the day. I also plan out certain times I need to do things like say, study of instance, I take an hour out of my day to dedicate to studying. For having fun and staying out of trouble I like to go to the movies on Tuesdays and I also spend a lot of nights just hanging out with my teammates! Thank you for commenting!

      Paige Phillips

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