Dominating the NFL

The backbone to a successful football team in the NFL is being able to run the ball. This had lead teams to victories and others to spoils. Running the ball is the single most prominent aspect in being a great football team.

The idea of how to run the football successfully has evolved and adapted several times since the first leather heads strapped up to claim the gridiron as their own. Although most types of running the ball such as Iso’s, Counters, and Options are still prevalent in the NFL today, the game has shifted to a new style of running by using zone blocking and read options.

This modern style has many advantages that teams can capitalize on.

  1. Allows for a faster form on no-huddle offenses through use a signs to call plays
  2. Permits the quarterback to change the play or adapt the play at the line of scrimmage
  3. Easier blocking for the O-line because they block for a zone not after a specific man
  4. More opportunities for running backs to make plays because it opens up more running lanes
  5. Let’s the quarterback keep the ball making the defense play honest.

These are the basic five reason that most teams are trying to transfer into this “west coast” style of offense. There are several more reason teams would like to work in this style as well.

To run a west coast style offense you will need the proper personal. Many teams such as the Denver Broncos are not able to run this style to its full capability. Peyton Manning is far too fragile and well let’s be honest, not athletic enough to carry the ball as a running back very often.

This has not stopped the Broncos from inputting this offence. In fact Manning was the leader in bringing this style into the NFL. He works around it by rolling out and giving the defense a pass look. This shows how versatile the zone offence can be.

Zone reads are becoming bigger and bigger as the new age of Quarterbacks enter the NFL. Players such as Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Robert Griffen the 3rd, Russel Wilson, and Collin Capernick all use this offence to dominate in the NFL showing off their athletic ability to run the ball and win football games.

This new era style is quickly taking over the NFL. It has already shown how it can be used to dominate the opponent’s defense and lead your team to victory.

If you plan to use this offense in on your high school or college team there are a few more concepts you must know. Write me back to tell me if you have any different styles or on how it works out for your team!

C. Schicktanz


3 thoughts on “Dominating the NFL

  1. Well I really agree with Ryan Tannehill. There are many more running options, and plays than the basics ones you just talked about. They have came up with many more options to all plays that make it tricky and easy to get receivers open. You really don’t need the running game either even though it is starting to take over because of quarter backs running it. We still have quarter backs that can pick defenses apart by throwing the ball.

    • Ya I agree with you. This is just for a college class and i had a word limit on the post. I could write alot more and go into alot more depth on running the ball and or how to advance the ball in general but to earn my grade i had restrictions on my writing. I will probably post one later in wich i go into alot more depth but this is basically a simple summary of basic zone reads and read options.

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