How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

“As you all just saw this video of “Joga Bonito” which is a Portuguese phrase meaning “play beautifully” is mainly play by Brazilians in South America. Brazilians soccer players are known for the phrase “Joga Bonito” because of their amazing touch with the ball. The main character of the video is Ronaldinho, a Brazilian legend know for his creativity and touches with the ball on and off the field.”

Soccer players are very talented on and off the field with skillful moves or tricks.  Soccer tricks can be on and off the field, depending the type that the player is doing. People always ask, how in the world is he able to do that amazing trick and make it seem easy? Well practice is the solution.

One common trick that every player learns to do when learning the game of soccer is to juggle a ball. How to juggle a soccer ball with your feet is common sense but takes plenty of practice to get a good rhythm of juggles and have different steps to follow. The steps to consider when trying to juggle a ball is to have a good focus, balance, timing, control, rhythm and a small soft touch to the air below your knees.

Practice is the main oChild juggling his soccer ball in Brusselsbjective to be successful in juggling a ball without a problem. One has to start from the bottom and advanced to the top with several attempts of committing without giving up. It might get frustrating learning to juggle due to the difficulties but a great effort of trying after each miscue will improve you. Practice is important to succeed because without it, we will never be better than the day before without the effort. The skill of a professional isn’t given to them but earned by the hard work they put into it.

The main frustration that an individual will go through while learning to juggle and say to themselves is that juggling will never help them on the field. Well that’s a false statement because it helps improve your touch on the ball. Juggling a soccer ball develops you better physically and mentally, when you are in the field.

Professional players spent hours on the ball when they are off the field so their touch and technique can improve. Some of the top players in the world come from South America because all they do growing up is spend hours and days practicing their juggles at local parks.

Starting at a young age (7-8) will be a good time to learn the baby steps and variety of ways to start juggling that will make you succeed through your childhood. Always set a small goal of juggles to complete then move up until you have a good rhythm. Starting early will make an effect, by the time you start playing on the pitch of 11 vs 11 players on each team.

At this moment I can go for hundreds of juggles with both feet without dropping the ball. It all lead to practice, practice over practice.

Now will you take the time to pick up a ball and practice juggling the ball without giving up? I’m sure this video and blog will inspired you to juggle a soccer ball.

Oscar Cortez


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