Insidious Chapter 2 Review

After watching “Insidious” for the first time I had an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. I had heard back and forth from many people, including movie reviewers, friends, and even some of my family, that it was one of the scariest movies of the year when it was released in 2011.

To my disappointment it was boring, predictable, and just not scary.

When I heard a second film, a continuation of the first, was to be released in September of 2013 I was apprehensive, and for, what I felt, was good reason.

Rumor had it that Chapter 2 was to be scarier than its predecessor. Being the horror movie fan that I am, I was excited to say the least, even after the disappointment I felt after the first one.



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Walking into the theater with my teammates I actually felt like I was full of excitement. Unfortunately, much like the first, it fell flat and I once again left the theater disappointed.

The two films were interwoven with each other brilliantly and the acting was spot on but the script itself was dull and lacked creativity.

The few scenes they had to make you jump were cliché and have been used so many times before in so many better movies than this.

There is one scene, near the middle of the film, where the group is in an abandoned house and walk into a little girls room. Everything is quiet for a moment then suddenly, a little girls runs past and screams “This is my room!”

This was the only scene through the entire movie that caused any reaction from me.

Overall, the movie didn’t live up to the anticipated hype that everyone expected.

My advice? If you want to see a horror film that is actually worth seeing and paying full price for, go see The Conjuring.


One thought on “Insidious Chapter 2 Review

  1. This appeals to me because the first movie was predictable and if the second one is like that I am not sure I really want to see it. I am into scary, horror movies but if this isn’t one that is too scary then I will not go see it. I need something that appeals to me and makes me jump. Thanks for sharing! You really pulled me in with the introduction.

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