Quadrajets, Performance Not Paperweight

        OH NO, NOT ANOTHER QUADRAJET!!! Or so says the ever so typical stereotype of the everyday car enthusiast. Quadrajets are a good carburetor and should continue to be used in frequency.I have chosen to write a review on the fabled and somewhat troublesome Quadrajet carburetors as to prove their worthiness over the slight and easily handled shortcomings. I will however not go into as much detail as to recognize the difference between a Rochester or a Carter, but I will at least inform the reader as to the fact that the Carter built Quadrajet happens to be the higher quality and better performing.

         The first blog I have chosen for reference can be located at;(http://www.superchevy.com/technical/engines_drivetrain/induction_poweradders/sucp_110500_qjet_quadrajet_carbutretor_tuning/viewall.html), and focus primarily on ways to cure the ever forming woes of the highly popular and heavily used Quadrajet, but also, at the same time, highlights why they are still a go to choice for many naturally aspirated vehicles, whether it be an everyday driver or a full on race car. The article states the fact that a properly built and tuned Quadrajet, can not only perform better than most other brands, but can also increase power, throttle response, and miles per gallon. I found this article very useful for a reference as it specifically states with proof that even though a Quadrajet can be a highly problematic carburetor, if it is to be built correctly and tuned properly, that it is still one of the best carburetors ever produced and thusly why it was a used for so many years on many different applications. This blog was very informative and also list professional shops that specialize in the improvements and modifications of Quadrajets, which I felt may be beneficial should I be in need of more information on the carb.

         The next blog I have chosen for reference is found at; (http://www.hemmings.com/hmn/stories/2007/01/01/hmn_feature29.html) and I personally found this article to be quite possibly the best article I could have found, due to the fact that this article focuses primarily on the history of Quadrajets. I found this article particularly interesting as it takes time to discuss most of the different applications explaining how versatile the Quadrajet really was. Most people are under the idea that Quadrajets are more or less a GM or General Motors for the less car savvy person carburetor, or also for marine applications, when that’s rather not the case as Quadrajets were used in the big three as well as many other makes of vehicles. One of my favorite points this articles makes in a paragraph states just how versatile and how well performing a Quadrajet really is. Most people have nicknamed Quadrajets with demeaning names that suggest it to be a worthless carburetor, when really if used correctly is in my opinion the best carburetor ever produced.

         I personally still choose to use a Quadrajet on both of my 40 year old vehicles as I feel it only makes sense to use a product that has more then proven itself many times over and again. I know that should I have problems I will be forced to hear everyone body else’s opinion about how crappy the carburetors are but does that mean I’m wrong for having given this historically well preforming carburetor a chance?


One thought on “Quadrajets, Performance Not Paperweight

  1. The links that you put in your posts go into much more detail than you have in your blog. That is good for the people that want to know more and learn how to tune to get the best out of the carb. What makes this carb problematic though?

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