Swapping Intakes

Intake Replacement on a Dodge Ram

Have you always dreamed of making your truck sound like the trucks on TV? With just a couple hours and an intake you are one step closer. Personally I would prefer the Hughes FI Airgap For anything Mopar.

Whatever intake you purchase it will come with directions, but who ever looks at those?

First step is to make sure that all of the electronics and throttle are unplugged from the stock intake. After the three items are unplugged, you are then able to pull the air cleaner off the top and start the disassembly.

After the bolts for the intake, the alternator and A.C. have been unbolted, the intake is ready to be taken out. Before you install the new one, or even think about it, the old gasket that is stuck on the block needs to be scraped off and cleaned. The old intake gaskets will be in need of replacement.

Once the block has been cleaned and there is no more gasket left on, it is time to start the assembly.  The fun part is getting closer and closer every minute.

It is time to set the new intake gaskets into place and get the intake put in. The rest is self explanatory; it goes back together the way it came apart. The main things not to forget are the throttle positioning sensor, the idle air control module, and the throttle.

The time has come to listen to the change. Changing the intake will increase the torque mainly anywhere from 1900 RPMS and up. Of coarse it will turn the exhaust into a throatier sound which will make it so that you are unable to notice the increase in fuel mileage due to always keeping your foot to the floor.

Intake gaskets – http://www.hughesengines.com/Index/products.php?browse=category&level0=U21hbGwgQmxvY2sgRG9kZ2UgTWFnbnVtICgzLjkvNS4yLzUuOSk=&level1=R2Fza2V0cw==&searchmode=partnumber&page=4&partid=22872

Hughes Intake – http://www.hughesengines.com/Index/products.php?browse=category&level0=U21hbGwgQmxvY2sgRG9kZ2UgTWFnbnVtICgzLjkvNS4yLzUuOSk=&level1=SW5kdWN0aW9uIChJbnRha2VzICYgQ29sZCBBaXIgS2l0cyk=&partid=24773

Video of Hughes Intake installed – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APyPfZuPBWY


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