The Hobbit Review

Gollum came out of the floor and scurried around on his hands and knees. He spoke in a creepy hissing voice, “You must give us three guesses!” Gollum then scurried across the stage again as Bilbo agreed. Gollum thought long and hard. “Hand!” he shrieked. “Stupid answer!” Gollum replied to himself.

With just that one scene I greatly enjoyed this production of J.R.R Tolkien’s book The Hobbit.

Hutchinson’s Family Community Theatre (FCT) just did a lovely play on a quite popular movie based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit.

One of the best of the play was that the actors and actresses spoke loud and clear. They projected their voice throughout the entire house, ensuring that everyone enjoyed the dialogue of the play.

Along with this, they also avoided turning their backs to the audience

One of the negatives to the play was that a few scenes were much longer, due to insufficient practice. Scenes, like “shoving” the actors into a barrel needed to be sped up. In both the book, and movie, they are in a hurry to escape, the play ended up taking 7 minutes just to cram a dozen dwarves.

One of the final scenes that could have been a little bit longer was when Bilbo distracts the dragon and gets him to stand to reveal his heart. I felt like this could have been a lot more action-packed.

The make-up in this play was phenomenal, especially Gollum’s. The detail put into it was brilliant from the green floss as hair to the bald cap and blue goggles for eyes.


(Gollum played by Aaron Parker)

Parker_picture 1

(bows at the end of the play)

What are some good plays you’ve seen? Were they better than what I described?

Alexandria Parker


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