How Far Would You Go for the Ones You Love?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose your child? Imagine the emotional hardships and struggles you would experience? If you can’t imagine those thoughts and feelings, the movie Prisoners will paint a vivid picture of them in your head.

1254166079_aee2568c66_oPrisoners is a drama about two families whose two little girls get kidnapped. It follows the lead cop assigned to the case as he tries to juggle different clues and keep the families in check. One of the fathers’ of the missing girls decides to take matters into his own hands. You’re torn whether or not to root for him, and it leaves you questioning what you would do in the situation and how far you would go against your moral beliefs and the law. At the end you ask yourself, ”Is it acceptable to do whatever you have to do to get your child back?”

Throughout the movie they give away just enough information to keep you interested in the case and to draw your own conclusions. It was entertaining to gather the clues that were portrayed and put them together as the movie went along. Some parts were hard to watch due to the violence of the scenes but were necessary to get across certain emotions such as desperation.

After watching the movie, the title Prisoners makes more sense. All the characters were “prisoners” in their own way, either mentally or physically. Bound by morals, laws, or emotions, struggling to find the balance between them all.

Overall the movie was enjoyable and entertaining but difficult to watch during times of violence. The cast did an amazing job of portraying their characters. They got the emotion across nicely and you felt for them. The movie makes it hard to decide what’s right and wrong morally when faced with a tough situation. You find yourself asking a lot of questions in terms of what you believe in.

How far would you go to save the ones you love?


C. Payne


7 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go for the Ones You Love?

  1. How far would you go for the ones you love? I think that is the inescapable question that humanity has asked since man first walked this earth. There isn’t a correct or incorrect response. Its also an emotionally charged question, that most people can’t begin to comprehend because they have never been in the situation. I absolutely adore Hugh Jackman, the fact that he is the leading actor is a bonus. I have not seen this movie, but I am looking forward to it. Do you think there is right and wrong when it comes to protecting the life of a loved one?

    • I do think there is a right and wrong when protecting the life of a loved one in certain situations. But everyone has their own opinion of what is right and wrong morally, and mine defiantly won’t always match someone else’s. Some people are willing to go much further than others. I would defiantly recommend watching this movie.

  2. That beginning question of how far would you go for the ones you love? I have actually seen the movie, and it does make it tough to decide what right and wrong in certain situations, but really it is the person that makes the choice and he made the right choice and did the right thing. morally its from person to person, it all changes. I probably would have done something different

    • I personally don’t agree that he made the right choice. I wouldn’t be willing to go against what I believe morally and have to live with that decision on my conscious for the rest of my life. But I also have never been in that situation before. So it’s hard to say what I would have done facing the same issue as in the movie.

  3. Hey Twinie,
    I thought that the question in the beginning gets the reader to start to think about what they would do if a loved one was in trouble. I haven’t personally seen the movie yet, but your review intrigues me to go see it! I don’t think most people realize that yes we all are prisoners in our own way and it’s not always physically but can be emotionally as well. Overall, your blog makes me want to see the movie which is good because I wasn’t really thinking about seeing it. I have no idea what I would for the one’s I loved because I’m not very strong!

    -Courtney F

    • I believe the movie is great to see and helps you ponder the questions personally that it brings about. I don’t think many people know exactly how they would handle a certain situation that they’ve never been in before. Some people are ready to push those moral boundaries at any cost and others are not. This movie is a great example at how far some are willing to go for the ones they love.

  4. I haven’t seen the movie but I have seen many previews, this makes me want to go see it. I really liked your review I thought it was very good. It makes me really think about the questions and thought you put into it. I didn’t think the movie looked that interesting until this review.

    -Hayley B.

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