Kansas City Chiefs Win Superbowl 2014

Guys AttentionKobe Bryant sucks at baseball or whatever she plays. Now that I have all the guys’ attention for a few moments, let’s talk about how to get your attention.

No, I don’t want to play Grand Theft Auto; I’d rather go outside and do something more productive with my time. Let’s go throw the ball around or something. No I don’t want to make you a sandwich; you have two hands; use them. Get off your lazy butt and make it yourself, but I will get up and make myself something. No I will not get naked just so I can “catch your eye.” I have more respect for myself than that. Get to know me first in my comfy sweatpants. Girls, it is easy to get a guy’s attention.

Now, girls, there are other ways to get his attention with being classy. Bring up his favorite sports team. You don’t know which team that is, or the sport? Look at his t-shirt or if he has a jersey on with his favorite player’s name on the back. If all else fails, bring up some team and if he doesn’t like that team he will say it and maybe reply back “No way they suck! Chiefs nation all the way!”

Another thing you can do is bring up a videogame. What guy doesn’t play videogames? Although not many of you girls are good at playing videogames or let alone like playing them, it’s an effective way to get a guy’s attention or to spark a conversation.

Guys are simple and it’s easy to get their attention, so don’t waste your time degrading yourself just to start a conversation with them. In the end girl’s you get a guy’s attention; respect yourself, and have class. If they don’t like you for who you are then they aren’t worth your time anyways.

Guys, will you get up and make me a sandwich?

Willie Stockton


8 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs Win Superbowl 2014

  1. Hey Willie!
    I really liked your first two paragraphs. I thought it was funny that you took things that guys typically like and turned it around to be funny for everyone. Being that it was funny, it kept my attention and made me want to read more. You had great advice on how to get a guys attention while still staying classy. I thought your ending question was hilarious!

    Excited to see what else you have in store!

    C. Payne

    • Hey Court!
      Thanks for the feedback on my blog! I tried to use a little bit of humor than to be so serious! Glad you enjoyed my blog and that you got some laughs out of it, I aim to do that to my readers! Hope you got something out of this!

      Willie Sue

  2. Willie,
    This definitely made me laugh and I’m glad that you wrote it. Girls now a days just don’t have enough respect for themselves. They don’t know how to be treated or how to treat themselves, so thank you for telling them. Letting them know that a guy should earn their respect before giving them anything. Even if you didn’t out your name on it, I would definitely be able to tell it was you who wrote this. You have a distinct voice and it’s unmistakeable. The ending question was the icing on the cake.

    -Courtney F

    • Hey Courtney!
      Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated to here what people have to say! I am glad I am not the only person who thinks this either! A lot of girls just don’t understand how guy’s are or how they will be if they aren’t respectful to themselves, it pretty much says to the guy that they can be disrespectful as well. Also thank you for seeing the voice in my paper, I aimed to do that also, make it unique! Thanks for taking time to read this!

      Willie Sue

  3. For sure thought this article was going to be about the chiefs so I was totally excited, but it was not. This grabbed my attention right away anyways. This was an awesome article. Everything that was said are things girls over look all the time including myself. If a girl is going to bring up a boys favorite team or video game the girl should probably do some background research and actually know what she is talk about, before bringing up the conversation starter.

    • Mariah,
      Thank you for your feedback on my blog, it only helps me see what I need to change and what I do well also. It took me awhile to come up with the title, I almost just put it as how to get a guys attention, but then that wouldn’t have been as interesting, or eye catching. Thanks again for the input!

      Willie Sue

  4. great blog! lol really didn’t know what to expect at first but it drew me in which it should have! the blog also is really true as a guy it is really easy to grab our attention now keeping it is the challenge lol.. just be yourself and hold yourself to a high standard because if you just give it up to us easy we’re gonna move on to the next! i love this blog

  5. Willie,
    I really liked your blog! its very empowering to woman. It is really classy and not only that but it also get a variety of different readers because of the title and the first paragraph. I liked how you the readers think it was about the chiefs to draw them in. it was really good and I would love to see more!
    -Hayley B.

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