Life Changing, Forever?

Zach doing what he did best.

Zach doing what he did best.

Zach’s Facebook Page


Have you ever been woken up from a dead sleep to life changing news? I have.

My sister, brother-in-law, dad, stepmom, and the chief of police burst through my front door. All in one day, I saw my mom collapse, and my dad break down mentally and emotionally. My life as I had known it was changed forever.

On the dense foggy morning of Sunday April 28, 2013 I lost someone close to my heart. Someone who inspired me to better myself.  My brother Zach was killed at three a.m. that morning.

A semi-truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and went all the way across the road. While driving in the dense fog my brother had a headlight blow out. Now he only had one headlight to drive on.  At 3:06 a.m. my brother Zach hit the semi. When he hit the semi he was thrown out of his truck and had one of his tires land on him.

When the first responders, and state troopers got there they pronounced my brother dead on scene. They called the local coroner from Herington and he came to the sight.  When the state trooper was questioning the truck driver on what had happened things didn’t seem right. The truck driver told the state trooper that he saw my brothers headlights, and prayed that he wouldn’t hit him.

During the grieving process I have learned that it doesn’t matter how much it hurts, you have to talk about the pain you are feeling. If you hold in what you are feeling, it bottles up. In bottling up it will eventually make you break. You will break down, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Having a death in the family makes you realize what you have. It made me hold my baby closer to me, it made me hold onto my sister just a little bit longer when she hugged me. I held onto everything just a bit longer and stronger. I hold onto my brothers memory forever in my heart.

I wear his ashes around my neck, and I know he will always help me through anything I need help on.

What would you do if this happened to you? Would you cry? Would you stand up and be strong for your family, or would you let other people take over everything?

-Mikayla Antoszyk


2 thoughts on “Life Changing, Forever?

  1. Mikayla,
    Im really sorry to hear about your brother. This blog truly did touch me. The way you worded everything was great. It had me relating to my family and my experiences. Its great to see you sharing such a inspirational story with everyone.

    -Hayley B.

  2. Thank you. It’s funny when someone else passes away that was close to you but not as close as your own brother you don’t think it could happen to you. But then again you do. I had my son in March and a month and a half later my brother passed away but I had good news after he passed away, my sister is having a baby. I knew that god had done that on purpose he had to take a life to make sure that another one could be born.

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