You Will Plead Sanity

You will plead the sanity after you cross the finish line that is if you even cross the finish line.

The Spartan race is one of the most challenging and toughest race you will ever be in! There are 3 courses. The beginner, intermediate, and the beast courses. They all have different ranges of distance and obstacles. There’s is only three options in choosing the races, you can rather go easy, go hard, or go balls to the walls.

The beginner is about a 3 mile long course with 5 obstacles. It’s quite easy but you still need little training for the race. Never take anything to light, the obstacles are still challenging.

The intermediate is about 8 miles with 8 obstacles, and it definitely a tough one!! Everyone should be on a program at least 3 times a week doing many different workouts, to get your body in shape. In this course you will be tested on how well your fitness is.

NOW the Beast is the ultimate, balls to walls test for all. It’s the fitness test unlike any other, it’ll make you question if you’re in shape or not. Some say it is the ultra-marathon of them all! It is 12 miles long with a18 obstacles, which will challenge you not just physically but mentally. This rigorous test of how hard and well you trained daily will be put up for debate when you cross that finish line.

You can go at any pace in any race you want. To truly see the shape you’re in, you push yourself through the finish line without stopping. The pace is at your will, push yourself and you grow mentally strong, keep a simple pace and you will weaken yourself. Make it to where after you cross that finish line you need to just lay there and not move, maybe cry and get emotional.

You will get beat up, cut, bruised, and torn down by all the obstacles. There are many times people need help getting off the course because they could not finish, or they gave up. It will transform you, in just about every way.

It is all up to you, your training, and the fitness you’re in. Make your choice, I made mine. I’m doing the beast next summer in Colorado.

Will you conquer the test? What is your fitness goal or plan?

With passion,

Ryan Roth

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2 thoughts on “You Will Plead Sanity

  1. Well I live in Colorado, and a buddy of mine actually did this. I was going to do it with him but a race I had planned on running earlier this year was scheduled the very next day unfortunately, so i was defiantly planning on running it next year, the beast course obviously!

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