Distance Stinks

It’s Saturday night and you want to go catch a movie. But the only person you want to be with is hundreds and thousands of miles away. It eats away at you and most nights you just sit up texting or talking to them on the phone. But on the inside its killing you that you can’t be with them, hugging and holding them whenever you want to.

loveA long distance relationship can really test the people that are in it and can really eat away at them. It can also let you know if what you have with your significant other is real or not. The distance makes it one of the hardest relationships to keep on good terms. You don’t get to see the one you love for weeks and sometimes even months and that really eats away at you emotionally. Also if that connection is not strong enough with your significant other it can really kill what you have with them.

To be locked up in one of these relationships you have to be mentally strong. The number one thing that you have to have with that person is trust. You have to be able to trust the fact that they love you enough to not cheat on you and throw everything that you two have worked for down the drain. The second thing you must have with them is true love meaning that you care about that person more than you care about anything in this world. The third thing is that you have to have a deep emotional connection because without it you will have nothing. In this type of relationship if she/he is not the only thing you think about it might get lost with all the other fish in the sea.

To make things work you must have a very deep-rooted connection to them to where you are scared to lose that person. Also when you know that you cannot live without her no matter what those are signs of true love. With that love you can make anything work. Some people are not strong enough to handle that and you shouldn’t try and put yourself in a position for it.

For some couples the distance can make their relationship a lot stronger. This is what it did to me, my girlfriend is still in high school and I had to come to Kansas for college. At first I didn’t want to do it but as the days go by our connection grows stronger and the love that I have for her grows deeper. This was actually one of the best decisions of my life. It made me realize that I can’t function very well without her and that I don’t need to be out chasing these women out here when I have a wonderful lady waiting for me to come home.

Now that’s a little bit of my story, if you are in a situation like mine please leave some feedback and share how yours is going. Even if the distance tore your relationship apart please share that also.




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