Jay Z the One and Only

MAGNA CARTA HOLY FAIL? Does legend Jay-Z's latest offering live up to the lofty standards set by the rest of his catalog?Jay Z once said “Who gone stop me hah?” and he means it who is gunna stop him? He is one of the most renowned rappers ever, if not the most. His new album Magna Carta Holy Grail dropped July 4th, 2013 it hit everywhere and everyone knew about it, just because of his prestige.

When Jay Z’s album dropped I’m sure many people were excited especially me, I listened to Jay Z growing up and for a while I wanted to be a rapper. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed.

Magna Carta Holy Grail is an album about Jay Z’s life and how being famous can sometimes be a detriment on trying to live a normal life. He does occasionally speak about the pluses like his Picasso’s and all the money but doesn’t express it in a way that is appealing.

His album is decent at best and sometimes just sounds like he had to rhyme some random things together to make it sound good.

Listening to the album all the way through its not one of Jay Z’s best but it certainly is an album I’d listen to again. The album itself portrays many different personalities of jay z not only targeting his audience with his music but with stories in life that would be able to be reflected on by his audience. I’m into many different genres of music not all much of hip hop but this album is one that could possibly be listen to for years to come because of the diverse meaning to his songs that he portrays to us.

Music isn’t always just entertainment in certain circumstances, music can also be a way to express things to a subject or subjects that the artist has been through. The music I listen to is entertainment but also a way for me to keep myself motivated to strive for what’s in the future for me because like Jay Z himself “I’ve never looked at myself and said that I need to be a certain way to be around a certain sort of people. I’ve always wanted to stay true to myself, and I’ve managed to do that. People have to accept that” I would highly advise anyone that doesn’t listen to music just to listen to, to definitely listen to this.





7 thoughts on “Jay Z the One and Only

  1. I think that this is right on point! I agree that this wasn’t one of Jay-Z’s best cd’s but he is all about being him. He isn’t gonna change his music because some people don’t like it. I also like the the part when you talked about listening to music to help you stay motivated, because that is something that I have always done to.

  2. All of this is oh so right. Jay-Z is really one of the realest rappers out in the rap game.This review of the album is on point. This was one of his best albums ever. I would agree that everyone should listen to this album.

    • actually I said this is not one of his best but to listen to it. “Marlin” did you read my post all the way through cuz Mrs. Marble should take some points off for it.

  3. Jay-Z is one of the GOAT”s there is no denying it.. he has made such a great stamp on the rap/hip-hop game. he’s done things that a lot of people can’t say they did. Magna Carta Holy Grail to me was actually one of his best albums i’d put it maybe 3 or 4 on his list..

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