How to be successful at sports!


Do you suck? Do you need help with your game? I got you! I have all your basic knowledge to be successful in any sport you would like to play!


2Eating right!
This is the first step to being successful in any sport. I recommend eating lots of fruits and veggies. These are very good in vitamins, they help your energy and stamina. For example bananas is very high it Potassium this will help with cramps and rebuilding your muscles.

3Fish is another important thing to make sure you get plenty of. Fish is high in protein, which gives you that little extra boost.
1Sleeping Habits.
Sleeping for you in general is healthy, but when you add on an extracurricular activity in your life sleep is a must! Getting good 8 hours of sleep with help keep you on your game. I know you probably say that you don’t have time to sleep because of all of the homework that you’re swamped with. Getting the full 8 hours of sleep with help you step up your game because you are well rested and alert.
You have to want to want to better yourself in the sport that you participate in. You can’t better yourself if you just keep getting down. You may not be perfect every time but as they say, practice makes almost perfect.
You can’t just get good overnight you have to practice! Practice every day and give 110%. Practice with someone else at the same level of ability as you, this will help you not get so get down on yourself about someone else being better than you.
Last but not least determination is key! If you don’t have the determination to do all of the things that I listed above I can’t guarantee that you will be successful.
I hope that all of these ideas on becoming a better athlete help. Do you have any more suggestion that I could try and use too???


4 thoughts on “How to be successful at sports!

  1. I definatly agree, I didn’t realize how important eating and sleeping effected my running until I watched it closely. I improved tremendously and is the reason I’m where I’m at today. Self motivation is also really important because there are so many times you want to tell yourself to be done and just quit, but if that happens, you won’t progress.

  2. You brought up some good points that are sometimes are overlooked it was very well written and this will help a lot of upcoming athletes more than you know overall good job and great intro

  3. I agree, their are many objectives to go through to be successful athletes at your sport. Nothing is given but earn to whoever puts in the work. Not one professional player is born naturally with talented skills; therefore, skills are capture by the amount of time they put into practice to get better. “Practice makes almost perfect” which is true because the more time you practice the better you will become on the field or game. Nutrition’s, sleeping habits and self-motivation are definitely three factors of being a successful athletes. It all start on how you take care of your body before you put it to work on your sport.

    -Oscar Cortez

  4. Good article! Self motivation is a tough one! Not a lot of people have it but they have to make the most out of everything. For instance thinking about ones family and friends who always tell them we believe in you and also that person that keeps beating you. Think about what he or she is doing right now whenever you don’t feel like working out on your own. You don’t get much better at practice, it’s training on your own time that moves you through the ranks. Self Motivation is very important.

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