Olive Garden Review

OG3          Do you ever have that hungry feeling in your stomach? Are you craving Italian food? Then let me tell you about a little place called Olive Garden.

Olive Garden is a family place as well as a “dating” place. It has a great atmosphere for taking a date out or just having fun with the family. Now that the atmosphere has been spoken about let’s get into the food.

The food is fantastic in so many ways. They have a variety of Italian food anywhere from ravioli all the way to steak. I particularly like the food in the restaurant because you can get anything Italian plus a little bit of America thrown in with an Italian twist. I know what you’re thinking, dessert? Well Olive Garden’s dessert is fantastic as well. Personally I like the chocolate mousse cake, it’s very delicious and if you’re a chocolate lover than this is the cake for you. Every selection either it be dessert or savory it’s guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

Olive Garden’s quote is “When you’re here, You’re Family”. This speaks a lot about how they feel about their customers, saying that while you’re dining in this restaurant it’s almost like you’re home in a way.

I’m not here to convince you to go eat at Olive Garden, that’s definitely not my main goal. My goal is to let you know that when you’re craving some good Italian food, there’s a “Family place” where you can go and it’s called Olive Garden. So I leave on this note, is your mouth watering at the thought of eating a juicy steak? Or even some cheese ravioli? I know mine is.

Connor Schafer


2 thoughts on “Olive Garden Review

  1. Great review overall on Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden great restaurant to take your family or a date like you said. I thought you had a great intro but a good choice to do Olive Garden. I was interested in the blog before i even read it. I have never had desserts there because i’m always so full from everything they give you. Ill have to try one the next time I go to one. I thought you should of talked about how they give you bread sticks and a salad before your main dish. Thats the only detail I thought you missed in the blog. Great ending it made me want something from Olive Garden but Olive Garden always sounds good to me.

    • I appreciate the comment and I agree 100% with you I totally forgot to mention endless salad and breadsticks. This portion of the meal is what everyone is excited for when they walk into Olive Garden. Thank you very much for your comment and your words of wisdom.

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