Joe T. Garcia’s; A Fort Worth Tradition

Joe T. Garcia’s is Fort Worth, with its disarming charm, surprising beauty, and kick butt menu and beverages. It has hosted the rich and famous and even if you’re in Dallas, its worth the 45-minute drive.

Located in the heart of the stockyards in Fort Worth Texas, Joe T. Garcia’s is unparalleled when it comes to restaurant atmosphere. With its lush gardens and glistening fountains, Joe T. Garcia’s is by far the most beautiful place to eat in Fort Worth.

There is essentially no menu at Joe T. Garcia’s. You either order fajitas or enchiladas and its served family style along with cheese nachos (probably the greatest on Earth), followed by rice, thick refried beans, tacos, and a big platter of guacamole.

Every time I eat at Joe T’s I’m surprised by how fresh and top quality the meal is. Everything is made from scratch daily and everything is made with the same attention to detail and quality as it was years ago when I was a little kid.

Visiting Joe T. Garcia’s is a great Texas experience. The line still wonders out the door most nights starting as early as 6p.m. on weekends. When the weathers nice out, their extensive garden patios are the place to be. In cool weather, the many interior rooms fill up. There’s usually a mariachi band and you’ll see a lot of large tables with family and friends.

With a beautiful atmosphere, exceptional bar area for adults over 21, a great meal quality, and the singing of live mariachi bands echoing throughout the patio space, Joe T. Garcia offers everything that you would need to enjoy an authentic Mexican style meal. Next time you and your friends or loved ones are in the Fort Worth stockyard area stop by Joe T. Garcia’s and you won’t be disappointed.
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2 thoughts on “Joe T. Garcia’s; A Fort Worth Tradition

    • obviously they do have a menu but they usually only offer one for lunch or breakfast options. during dinner hours they serve enchiladas, chicken fajitas, or beef fajitas. and the link you left provides the menu for esperanza’s bakery and café which is a semi extension of Joe T. Garcia’s… balls in your court Andy

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