Stereotypical Stereotypes

“Stereotypes, they’re sensual, cultural weapons. That’s the way that we attack people. At an artistic level, stereotypes are terrible writing.” –Junot Diaz.

People in our society look at one another, judge, and make an assumption about another person because of something that they are or something that they represent. Junot Diaz was correct by saying that we use stereotypes to attack people, whether it be because of gender, race, hair color, or style of clothing; if it can be given a name, I guarantee there is a stereotype for it. There is one stereotype in particular that gets my blood pumping and my heart racing. I am automatically deemed as an unintelligent person because of the fact that my hair color is blonde. There have been times when I was proud to be a blonde, and other times not so much.

Judging people by appearances is something that we do every day; it has been rooted in who we are. Someone may look a certain way or talk a certain way, but that doesn’t say anything about who they are as a person.

When I was little I had bright blonde hair and as I grew up people started to brush me off, that’s when I began to notice that people looked at me differently because of my hair.

To make a long story short, one time I ended up locking my keys in my car. My friends tried for a good two hours trying to get it unlocked, but failed. I eventually got my car unlocked, and one of the things that one of them said was, “Oh don’t worry, it’s because you’re blonde.” When I made this small mistake, it was a time I wasn’t proud to be blonde. Everyone makes stupid and dumb mistakes. Since I have blonde hair though, my mistakes are made of as “worse” and are more judged than a girl with dark hair.

Why do people automatically assume that all girls that have blonde hair are dumb, easy to get, and will be with anything that has two legs and calls them beautiful? Yes, I have blonde hair, but when you actually get to know me, you’ll figure out that I’m pretty smart.

Throughout my high school career I was very studious, I always did my homework, always went that extra mile on projects or power points, and people disliked me for it. I managed to keep almost all A’s every year, reached my goal of getting a 4.0 GPA my sophomore year, obtained lamps and bars because of my academic success, and my junior and senior year of high school got the First Team All-Academic State award for my hard work.

All of this was achieved and my hair color was blonde, so does that make me dumb?

Does the fact that I had blonde hair negate all these awards that I won for academics?

No it doesn’t because the color of someone’s hair has no relevance to the intelligence of a person. Doing well in school was a time I was proud to be a blonde because I got to prove people wrong, and show them not all blondes are bimbos.

Judging people is a part of life, and it will always be around. Stereotyping a person because of what they wear or what they look like is unethical and is morally wrong, but people do it anyways.

People can smoke weed, but does that make them a pot head?

People can be a student but does that make them disrespectful and a delinquent?

Even though someone may act a certain way, dress a certain way, and look a certain way, that doesn’t automatically match them up to whatever stereotype is out there.

Intelligence is not determined by hair color; Intelligence is measured by the mind.

“I’m not some blonde bimbo. I want to be a successful businesswoman.” –Sarah Harding

-Courtney F


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