Joan-Marc Fajula Rodriguez

College Rhetoric I



            Tennis became my life at a very early age. I started playing for fun when I was 6 until I was 11. Tennis was not my sport at first, I was very big into motor cross until my life threating accident. After this I realized that motor cross was not for me and that I had to start taking tennis more serious. I started competing when I was about 12 with a team. I am very proud of this sport and everywhere it has gotten me in life.

I hate when people say that tennis is a sport for women, for people who are rich, or it’s just a country club sport. Tennis is the hardest sport I have ever done. It is both physically and mentally tiring. It requires a lot of conditioning and training. All this helps you play on the court for three or more hours.

When I was playing professionally over in Spain I was in the top 10 in the nation. I used to train with professionals such as Rafael Nadal, Tommy Robredo, and David Ferrer. I had to learn how to play at top level with no down time. When you watch tennis is seems very easy; you get tired fast. When you get tired it’s easy to lose concentration and accuracy in your shots.

I played in The Masters of Spain, it’s a tournament that only 8 players get in throughout the whole nation. I was #8 in this tournament so I came in with a disadvantage.  In the first match that I played I defeated the number 1 player in Spain at that time. This was a huge accomplishment for me, all my hard work was starting to pay off. In the second match, which was also the semi-finals I played and won against the 7th ranked guy in this tournament, this match was horrible it took four and a half hours just to play. I had finally made it to the finals, the pressure was on. In the final we moved to a bigger stadium over 1000 people were there. I was only 16 at the time and was playing the #2 seed so I was scared. I started the 1st set so nervous that I lost that one. In the second set he was beating me again. I closed my eyes and just hit the ball as hard as I could, it went to the line so fast I couldn’t believe it. After this I started coming back and was not so nervous. I finally one a set. In the third set I had my eye on the prize and wanted to show everybody that had doubted me that I could do it. I won the last set and won the tournament. I became #5 in the nation after winning this tournament.

The feeling that you get after winning a tennis tournament can’t compare to any other sport in my opinion. You get very proud of yourself because you did this all on your own. You didn’t have to depend on anyone else but yourself. So when you lose it can be heartbreaking because you let yourself down. I am very proud of myself for making it where I am now.


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