Global Warming Controversy

The Global Warming theory has become increasingly popular over the past decade. With this being said there are still many who believe it’s a bunch of malarkey. The global warming theory already has enough evidence to prove it true and is a great threat to our planet’s environmental health.

The global warming theory has gained much publicity and attention, which has created much controversy over the subject. The basic concept behind this theory is that the earth was made with a balance of “greenhouse gasses”. These gasses occur naturally within the atmosphere and they essentially make the planet habitable by absorbing heat from the sun and keeping our atmosphere warm. Too much greenhouse gas absorbs enough heat from the sun to melt large portions of our planet’s ice, which deposits large amounts of fresh water into our oceans.

Willie Drye at National Geographic shares his opinion supporting the global warming theory and backs it up with evidence from modern science. Drye’s article is about “a sprawling team of meteorologists who examined the marquee extreme weather events of 2012.” The team found that human induced climate change was a factor in over half of the dozen events that they studied: these events included hurricane sandy, drought in the United States Midwest, and melting arctic ice.

The teams of meteorologists were especially interested in how climate change affected hurricane Sandy’s storm surge in October 2012, which caused massive destruction on the coast of New Jersey and flooded parts of New York City. They concluded that the surge (a mound of water formed by a hurricane’s winds and forward motion and pushed in front of the storm as it made landfall) was worse than it would have been in 1950 because sea level has risen in the past 60 years. That rise in sea level has been attributed to man induced climate change, and that rise means that storms in the future less powerful than sandy are likely to cause more damage.

Even with a large amount of evidence piled against them, there are still those who oppose the theory of global warming. John Scott at policymic describes that man induced climate change doesn’t exist at all and that the earth is actually going to cool down as we enter a new solar cycle. This theory largely contradicts the accepted theory of the public and myself that greenhouse gasses are causing global warming. Scott believes that the popular belief of global warming is due to Al Gore’s 2006 documentary; An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary has championed the cause to stop global warming and was shown throughout America including in classrooms. Scott believes that Gore fabricated the evidence shown in the film and the whole thing was an exaggeration. He’s confident that once people do the correct research people will come to the same conclusion he has.

Despite what disclaimers such as Mr. Scott believe about global warming, you can’t deny the huge amount of evidence that’s piling right in front of our faces. If nothing is done about greenhouse gas emissions than in time evidence such as rising sea levels, global temperature increase, and declining arctic ice will be undeniable.


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