A College Kids Guide to Avoiding Procrastination During Finals

It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about the Holidays. It’s that horrible time at the end of the semester where all you can think about is the mountain of things you need to study and the projects to do, but all you can seem to do is procrastinate. It’s time for finals.


Here are my tips for reducing or limiting procrastination during finals:

1. Take regular breaks when you study. It’s okay to take a break. It makes it seem like you haven’t been sitting around studying forever. For every hour I study, I give myself a 45 minute break. If the material is really boring and putting me to sleep, I study for 45 minutes and take an hour break. But it’s ultimately up to you to decide how much studying you can take at a time.

2. Take days off. If you take every other day or every few days off from studying. You will be more likely to actually study. You won’t be as overwhelmed and be well rested.

3. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask your professors questions if you don’t understand something. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your professor, find out if any of the other people in your class have formed a study group or if there is a tutor that can help you.


4. Prepare for tests and projects in advance. At the beginning of the semester your professor probably gave you a syllabus letting you know when things are due. The best thing you can do is use it. If you know that you have a test in a week start studying now and not wait till the last-minute.

5. Stay positive. Stress tends to bring out the worst in people and you may find yourself at the verge of an emotional breakdown. When you are overwhelmed with school and all the work you have to do, everything always seems worse than it actually is. As a result you might find yourself increasingly irritable. This is when you want to stay positive. Sometimes talking to a friend or family member can help eliminate some of the built up stress and anxiety.

6. Disconnect is okay. Sure Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are great ways to stay connected with friends and family, but they are also potential distractions. I’m not saying that a complete disconnect from the internet or all things technological is necessary, you do need to have a certain level of self-control during finals. What is really important is knowing how much social media contributes to your procrastination habits.

7. Rest. Sure studying isn’t very action-packed, but it takes a lot of thinking, effort and concentration. Give yourself a break to relax and unwind while studying.

For more tips and tricks check out these sites:





6 thoughts on “A College Kids Guide to Avoiding Procrastination During Finals

  1. Dear Makenzie,
    When first seeing the title of the blog it kind of made me panic, just thinking of finals gives me a headache. I like your tips and how you describe each tip you give. It really makes me want to plan ahead and try really hard not to procrastinate. A lot of college students really need to read this to be able to keep them calm and plan ahead! Thanks for sharing! I really liked it and it helped me!

  2. Dear Makenzie,

    This blog will really help me out because I have been stressing out about my finals. These were some really great tips and I will definitely use them! The one that I never really thought about was taking breaks when I study. I thought it would be better if I just did it all at one time and tried to get it over with. I hope many other students read this because it will really help!

    Paige Phillips

  3. Makenzie
    I enjoyed reading this blog because it gives you steps on how to make it through the rough week of finals. I’ve experienced finals week 4 times which I’m a junior at the moment. With the past four semester I have had a tough finals weeks due to the fact that I wait until the last minute to finish my work. Proscatination is no good and my past experiences will make me start early with school work this upcoming finals week. One advice of being a Junior is to never procastinate no matter gow small the assingment is.
    -Oscar Cortez

  4. Makenzie
    I have to agree with you that finals are the most stressful thing for a college student. I used to think that high school finals were bad, boy was I wrong. This post is an excellent way for college students to help them study. I’m personally going to start using these techniques to help me pass finals. Thanks!!!


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