How to change your oil in a Cessna 172

            Are you the proud owner of a Cessna 172? Are you tired of over paying to get the oil changed in your airplane? If so this is the blog for your. In this blog I will teach you everything you need to know to change the oil in your 172 with ease and speed.

            First things first, you need to acquire the appropriate tools for this job. You will need an adjustable monkey wrench, lock wire pliers, 1” safety wire, an empty bucket, some rubber tubing that fits your quick drain valve, and a Philips head screw driver.

            Your first step is to remove the cowling from the engine. Next locate the quick drain valve on the left hand side of the nose wheel. As well as locating the oil filter on top of the engine, close to the cockpit. Place your clean bucket underneath the quick drain valve and attach the rubber tubing to the valve. And put the end of the tube inside the empty bucket. Next push the quick drain valve up into the engine until it clicks into place, when it clicks the oil valve is open so the oil will begin to drain out. I recommend letting it drain overnight to let it drain completely. Something that can help this process is before taking the cowling off run the airplane for a couple minutes to let the oil heat up a bit so it flows faster out of the engine. It can defiantly get messy, so make sure you have some towels on stand by.

            Next go and find your oil filter, it looks like a white coke can sticking out of the side of your engine. Remove the filter and set it aside, you will no longer need it. Next close off the quick drain valve by firmly pulling it back down making sure no more is leaking out. After that take the new oil filter and rub some new oil on the rim of it and screw it into place where the old filter used to be, make sure it is tight. Safety wire the new filter in by using the lock wire pliers.

            After you have done that, take the 6 quarts of 15W50 oil and pour them into the oil reservoir where your dipstick is on the top of your engine. After you have done so, all that is left is to put your engine cowling back on and you have changed the oil in your airplane, congratulations!







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