Is it Time For a New Car Battery

If you notice your car starting up a little slow, notice your headlights dimming, repeatedly finding your self getting a jump from a friend or come to realization you haven’t replaced your car battery in years it might be time to change it out.  Automotive batteries don’t last forever.  With money being tight for most people these days, most people would prefer to it them selves but don’t know how too.  Changing a car battery is quick and simple and should only take up to 20 minutes with minimal tools.

You come to the conclusion its your battery but your not 100% sure yet.  I suggest taking it to your local auto parts store or any store that sells car batteries.  At the store ask if they will test your battery to see its bad or not.  In most cases, it’s always free.  If they say its not your battery it could be a several of others things and you should contact your local mechanic.  Your car battery is now bad and you will need to purchase a new one.  Either you can install it your self or you can pay someone to install for you, which could become pricy.


First and foremost turn your vehicle completely off.  You will need to gather an adjustable wrench and gloves if wanted.  Open the hood and start to remove the cables from the battery terminals. Use the adjustable wrench to loosen the negative side first than after the positive side.  Next you will want remove the battery.  Remove the any bolt or screw that holds the clamp in place. Than you will need to loosen it by hand, be careful not to drop it or it could possibly be hard to recover. Place the old battery out of the way


Putting the new battery in is just as easy as taking the old one out.  Place the new battery into the same slot as the old one.  Be sure to tighten it down well by screwing the claim back on tightly.  Put the battery cables back on the opposite from which they were taken off originally.  The positive battery cables first than the negative ones after.

Close the vehicle hood shut and give it a start.  By following all of thesesteps correctly it should start right up. Take your old battery to a recycling center.  They contain many corrosive liquids and toxins.  Changing a battery is easy and simple and now you know how to do it for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Is it Time For a New Car Battery

  1. andrewjjohnston2014,
    This “how to” is well written an explains the process of changing a battery well. It will be helpful for people who don’t know much about working on cars or changing the battery. My only comment is that maybe a numbering system for the steps would be easier to read. Other than that this article is well done, and explains each step with a good amount of detail. Do you have any idea which battery is best, or does it depends on the car?
    Emerson V.

  2. andrewjjohnston2014,
    Great post! Lots of people who are not exposed to the automotive field need to know about things like batteries and when to take care of battery problems. I agree with Emerson that possibly a numbered system might be easier for the average joe to follow, but none the less, this post is very informative. Would you ever consider continuing with blog posts like this to inform the less educated about automobiles? I always though that wold be a great idea.

    -M Goist

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