It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” ~ Peg Bracken. Christmas is that magical, yet stressful time of the year when people put their differences aside to spend quality time with their families. I remember when I was in grades school when our teacher would put on those cheesy Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day parties in class.

Every year my teacher and some of the other children’s mom’s would come up with cute projects for us to take home to our parents and show off. I always felt so proud whenever I took my momentums home to my parents because they would proudly display them on our Christmas tree every year. My mom and dad till this day have kept all those little tokens and snip-it of memories that we made for them, and every year they still get put on the Christmas tree. Even though we’ve grown older, it doesn’t mean we have to stop making those little projects. I’ll be sharing two great “grown up” Christmas ornament ideas that could be put on your tree for years to come.

DIY Glitters Galaxy Ornaments

What You Need:

-Clear glass ornaments (Can be bought at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)

-Mopping liquid (Can be bought at your grocery store)

-Fashion Glitter (I would recommend the Tulip Fashion Glitter but any kind will work)

How to do it:

First Step: Remove the center of a clear ornament and pour the clear floor wax inside of the ornament

Second Step: You’ll want to swish and swirl the floor wax all around the inside of the ornament, make sure all of the inside is coated in the wax

Third Step: Pour a little of whichever colored glitter you prefer inside

Fourth Step: Swirl and shake the colored glitter around and put the center of the ornament back on

This simple, easy and creative ornament idea can be done by yourself or with a group of people. No two ornaments will turn out the same because each time you pour the glitter in, it won’t always land in the same place, so each combination will be different. By making these with your family or friends, you’ve made memories you couldn’t get anywhere else. Here’s another cool trick to coloring your Christmas ornaments.

DIY Crayon Ornaments

What you’ll need:

-Clear Glass Ornaments (Available at Michaels)


-Mini Craft Knife

-Plastic or newspaper

-Embellishments as wanted

Before Decorating: Make sure you prepare your counter top or table with the plastic or newspaper, because you don’t want to ruin your carpet, table, or counter top by getting crayon drippings all over.

How-To Do it:

First Step: Use your mini craft knife and fingernails to rip off all of the labels on the crayons. If all of it doesn’t come off that’s okay.

Second Step: Remove the top from the glass ornaments carefully. After this you’ll want to cut your desired crayon colors into small chunks and drop them in your ornament. 3-4 is the recommended color amount, but you can experiment with however many you wish.

Third Step: Turn your blow dryer on high, and start blasting the heat on the ornament. As the crayons start to heat up and melt you’ll want to start twisting the ornament around.

Fourth Step: You may either stop before your crayons cover the whole inside of the ornament or you may cover it all up. Some say they like the transparent and scratch effect the crayons have with the glass. When you are satisfied with your ornament shake it up so you can get the crayons out if you have some pieces left over.

That’s a wrap! You may add anything you wish to the outside, a bow, sparkles, ect. This is also a great alternative to shopping for ornaments and I’m sure children would like it.

The Glitter Galaxy and Crayon Wax Ornaments are just two of the many new tokens you can make to put on your tree this holiday season. My parents loved whenever I brought home my trinkets from school, and love when whenever I make them something homemade. I love home projects because being creative helps ease the mind, and these projects aren’t complicated making them fast and easy to finish. I won’t get bored and lose interest. Making new memories doesn’t mean having to spend tons of money on gifts, personalizing these ornaments would turn into great Christmas gifts that your grandparents, friends, and other family members would love to display on their tree as well.




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Is it still appropriate to say Merry Christmas?

-Courtney F-


4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Dear Courtney,
    I really liked your how to! I love Christmas time and making things to get into the spirit! I like how simple these projects are and the results, they look great and are very creative! I liked how you related the projects to your childhood, the intro was very nice and definitely made it more interesting to read more about! thanks for sharing hopefully I can use these this year!

  2. Courtney,
    Great how to blog! I remember doing lots of these in elementary school as a child. Back then we would customize them with a name and date so we could remember them. My Christmas tree at home has always been covered with home made ornaments from the past three decades through my family. It was always the best day around Christmas time to look back at all of the ornaments. Do you plan on making these this year?

    -M. Goist

  3. Courtney,
    I never would have thought of this. I know I am defiantly going to make some of these this season as gifts. We never did this when we were in grade school. We would take the big wooden popsicles sticks and paint them as snowmen, elves and Santas and add a string to the back of them to hang on the tree. That is what we did every year for our Christmas parties. When I go back home I might have to see if my sister want to do this project with me she loves doing drafts.

    -Alexandria Parker

  4. Dear Courtney,
    I love this idea! Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love giving gifts to people! These would be perfect to give to people. They don’t look too difficult to make or expensive and it is from the heart! Great post!
    -Riley W

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