Love Me Please


Who’s single and ready to jingle? Being in college, there are many options and roads you can follow. Some people take the serious relationship path; others aren’t as lucky and have not found their significant other.

You always hear stories about how people met the love of their life. The majority of these people met their “love” in college. All around me people are in love, getting married, or are in a serious relationship. This makes me feel like I am behind in life. When I think about it, people are suppose to come to college, party, do some schoolwork, and meet the person they are going to marry. Many of my friends are doing just that, and it seems like every person I talk to is planning their wedding. I am a girl so this tends to make me over think. What am I doing with my life? Why haven’t I found anybody? And what’s wrong with me? I am a junior in college, I only have two years left and I still haven’t found anyone even worth spending my time with.

Although the typical girl is looking for a relationship and is ready to settle down, there are slim pickens on the amount of guys at this age that are looking for the same thing. This puts all of us who haven’t found “the one” in a panic. We can’t blame the guys; it’s not their fault that their testosterone levels are through the roof during this stage of their lives. But this causes turmoil for us girls looking for “the one.” All guys are looking for anymore is someone to “come chill in their dorm room.” What happen to the good old, fashioned, taking a girl out on an actual date? This is what we girls are looking for, not a hook up in your dorm room.

I tend to think maybe I’m too picky or my expectations are too high for this day and age. But then I reflect on my pervious relationships, and having someone hold the door open for you every time you get in the car is NOT too much to ask. Its also not too much to ask to wake up to something nice like a good morning message every once in awhile or everyday! Although none of this is happening in my life right now, I am somewhat thankful. Being on my own and having no one to lean on has helped me grow stronger mentally. Figuring out I do not need someone just because all my friends have someone has made me more of an independent person.

A lot of this panic still goes through my mind, but as I am growing it lessens each day. I do not need someone right now just because everyone around does. A good friend once told me “stop looking and let it come to you,” and I am doing just that.

Photo by Nick McGee

Article wrote by Mariah Wedel


6 thoughts on “Love Me Please

  1. Hey Mariah,
    I read your post and I’ve definitely felt that way at some point in my life. I learned to stop over thinking, stop trying to pick out a guy who I think could be a potential boyfriend and I’ve learned to just be myself and let things happen as they happen. It’s hard as a girl to watch everyone start to move on from the “party single life” and go to the “comfortable relationship life”. As they say “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”; the vinegar being the girl who’s craving and always looking for a relationship and the honey being the girl who’s down to earth and goes with the flow. I’ve found it difficult to let go of having control of things, but it’s a nice change to make the guys come to you. Love will find you eventually, just don’t stress about it. I hope things workout for you.

    -Courtney F

    • Well thank you! Yes it is hard at times like I said but I have grown to love it because I do not need anyone but my family and I. I have found myself making more and more friends because well, I have a lot of free time! I have learned to appreciate my friends and I am now the friend getting ditched by my friends for their boyfriends. So when I do maybe find someone I know not to just leave my girls hanging and manage hanging out an even amount. Thank you so much for your advice and input.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mariah!
    Although I am not in your position (I just got engaged a little over a month ago) I can definitely empathize with you. Waiting, not looking, is the best way to find love. In the few months I have been at college, I feel like I have also grown to be a more independent person. I have a twin sister, so the urge to always have someone by my side is huge for me. She is in South Dakota and my fiance is back home still, so I am still pretty much going through the college experience on my own. I am glad you see the positive in your situation, rather than just being bummed about it, and I’m sure this self-assurance shines in you and will attract guys to you, so I’m sure you’ll find the right one some day.

    Good luck!
    Kayla O.

    • So your one of those lucky girls! Good for you, I am truly happy for you. College can be very scary but it just takes some getting use to.Im sure it is so hard with your soon to be husband not with you here. Independency is probably one of the best things that has happened to me. I find myself getting a lot more done and I am not scared to be alone anymore. Its a good feeling to know I can make it on my own. And if the right guy comes along then ill snatch him up but for now I am just chilling! Thanks for your advice and hang in there as well!

  3. Great job Mariah!
    I definitely know how you feel! Wanting someone to text you good morning or open your door for you is not asking for too much, it just shows that you have standards and won’t settle for the first guy that’s nice to you. I’m glad that you see that being single isn’t a bad thing. There are a lot of girls out there who see it as a never ending curse that they can’t seem to break. There is someone out there for you that possesses all of the qualities that you are looking for, you just need to be patient and wait for him to find you.

  4. Dear Mariah,
    As soon as you told me what you were writing about I couldn’t wait to read it! You didn’t disappoint! I love this post. I know so many girls here feel the same way! Guys are so difficult!
    -Riley W

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