The Little Brothers I Look Up To

Siblings, whether they’re older or younger than you, you will always love them no matter what.

My little brothers are the best brothers in the world, I will do anything for them. Of course we’ve had our fare share of arguments and disagreements, but we have also had a ton of great moments and memories that will last forever. My little brothers have been there and looked up to me since day one. Not saying this because they are my brothers but because they have literally had my back and have been my number one fans since they could walk and talk, and try to do the things that I could do.

There have been those moments where I ask myself, “Why was I so mean to them?” well because I’m the older brother and that’s what older brothers do. Well now that I don’t see them everyday and don’t get to be around them all the time like I used to, it really hits me harder most times I think about it because I’ve been there for them my whole life, and have watched them grow into the young men they have grown into today. And when I think about it now, I cant change the past, I really wish sometimes that I had been nicer to them at times because I could be a dick to them, when all they wanted to do was kick it and be around their older brother.

My little brothers went to every football game and every basketball game that they possibly could. They wanted to watch me play sports and cheer me on at games, now that I’m gone and can’t see them, all I want to do is go their games and watch them play and cheer them on just like they did for me. When they would play basketball in the street or football in the grass against their friends, or even just in the house playing on a little nerf basketball hoop that hung off the back of a door, you know how kids would say they were or wanted to be Carmelo Anthony or Allen Iverson just to imitate them and be like them, my brothers would say they wanted to be me, and every time I had heard them wanting to be like me it put a smile on my face because out of anyone in the NBA or NFL or any other sport, they said they wanted to be me and that probably made me happier than anything in the world.

My middle brother Donovan has a heart condition that does not allow him to play any hard contact sports, including football probably his favorite sport. My 6th grade year when he went to Denver for his first heart surgery, I was not allowed to go with because I still had school. After a couple weeks of seeing how the surgery went and if it worked everything was successful and fine, except one thing, the news that he could no longer play football had been told to him and the rest of us, and it devastated all of us because football in our family is the sport to play, it is the main sport in our family. When I had heard of the news I had changed my whole mentality of why I played football. I decided that I was going to play football for him because he couldn’t, I told him that every time I stepped on a football field is going to be for him. Now don’t get me wrong my youngest brother Dominic looks up to me and wants to be just like me on the field when he plays, and I play for him also because I’m his role model, he wants to do to everything I do and be exactly like me. If it weren’t for these two, I probably would not have the heart to play football like I do today, I don’t think I would be at McPherson college playing football at the next level if it weren’t for them keeping the love of the game in my heart.

When people tell me that my brothers are going to be just like me, I tell them that they’re going to be better than me. They are going to be more successful than me because if I have made it this far, they are going to make it farther and do much greater and better things with their lives than I will. As long as they are well off and successful in life and I don’t have to worry, then whatever happens in my life I could care less about.

Siblings, they are the ones to get on your nerves the most, get you in trouble for things you didn’t do. But they are the ones you will have the most memories with and they will always have your back no matter what, I know mine do and I will forever look up to them as they have looked up to me.

5 thoughts on “The Little Brothers I Look Up To

  1. I feel you all the way on this blog. I have little siblings that look up to me too bro. There really is not a better feeling than to know that you mean something to your little brothers. By you playing football and doing it for them shows that you really care about them. Keep doing what you do bro, you are a real good brother.

    • Thank you. I personally think it is great when someone can relate, the feeling of your younger siblings wanting to be you and do what you do is awesome. My younger brothers are my heart and drive for football and I will continue to play the sport for them. Thank you for reading.

  2. I can relate to this blog in a way. I may not have younger sibling but I do have older siblings. I look up to every single one of my brothers and sisters. They are the people that make me happy and although I am the youngest they look up to me. I have survived many obstacles in my life, and my siblings are proud of me for that. Thank you for sharing, sibling are the best, and only friends that will stay forever.
    -Mikayla A.

    • Yes! they’re definitely the ones to make you the happiest. My brother going through heart surgery and being as strong and having the drive to play the sports he can is amazing. Even though they are younger I still look up to them in some ways, ways in which I do things on and off the field. Thank you for reading.

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