2014 Fifa World Cup “Joga Bonito”

The world cup is a very popular event that takes place every four year at a specific country that mebrazil world cupets the requirements to host the occasion.  The cup is the beauty of a four year cycle that will be hosted by Brazil this upcoming summer of 2014. This upcoming World Cup in Brazil is going to bring so much talent from every nationality team to prove that they are the best in the world. The world cup is the most watch and popular sport event that the whole world watches in the summer that leaves spectators asking for more soccer.

As we all know the 2014 world cup will be taken place in Brazil at 12 different cities that the matches will be played at. The cities that host the games are the ones that are more populated, famous, security and with bigger stadiums to represent the countries.

Countries prepare their team for four years with the best talent they have to be able to qualify for the cup. Only the top 32 countries or the ones who beat the qualify bracket are able to participate in the World Cup. It’s acceptable for countries to fight for a spot in the cup so the best talent of players will present their country instead of just giving a spot to any nation.

The top countries leading into the cup are Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina which will all come out with all their talent to be the last ones standing and raise that beautiful cup.

Since Spain won the previous World Cup then they are coming in to defend their glory of being the best in the past four year. Even though Spain is not coming in with the same squad they will still have great talent that the country produces every year.

Everyone knows that the World Cup will not be interesting to watch without the three times in a row best player in the world in the previous years which is Lionel Messi. Messi  plays for Barcelona club team in Spain which has earned the Gold ball trophy (player of the year) in the past three years.  He will be showing out in Brazil wearing his country jersey of Argentina. At this moment Messi is being compared to one of the all-time best soccer player in the world. Some of the all-time players of the world are Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo who all have won a Gold Ball trophy and a World Cup. So this will be Messi’s summer to show out to win the cup that will leave a statement that he’s the best of all-time.

The favorite team of the cup who will have the most fans on board will be the Brazilians due to the fact that they are hosting the cup. “Joga Bonito” which means beautiful soccer gets a lot of attention due to their style of game. Brazil is also my favorite team therefore I think they will win the cup with all the young talent they are bringing into the game.  The young leader who is representing them right now is Neymar who is balling out at the moment which is being known as one of best youngest player in the world. However, they will most likely bring back some two experience players from the games which are the legends Ronaldinho and Kaka.

brasil cup I could write for days to be able to present all the talented players playing in the cup. I think the cup will host some much talented players that it’s going to be a battle every game starting in the group of pay. Whoever isn’t interested or pumped up about this upcoming world cup has a major problem.

Who will want to miss great talent of players on the field going at it for a beautiful cup during a whole summer? 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil is going to make everyone’s summer the best they ever had.



– Oscar Cortez


2 thoughts on “2014 Fifa World Cup “Joga Bonito”

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  2. Fifa is what brings this world together to enjoy something in common. I have been excited for this summer cant wait! Its great to see all the best players face off for the same reward.

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