Lasting a Lifetime


Holding onto a memory is like holding onto a feather on a windy day, nearly impossible.

Memories are like small little videos within your head. Every time you try to play them over you get the image of that someone special in your mind. Playing a memory over again is rekindling the grieving process.

Although the memory of someone will live on forever in your mind, that one memory that you wish to keep forever in your heart will not always be there. It will fade to the back of your mind, you will only be able to remember glimpses of that person or of that certain memory.

A glimpse of something can live on forever in your mind. Looking into a casket at a loved one and seeing their face bruised up, and pale will live on in your mind forever.

The memory of seeing someone you loved in that casket will live on in your memory for eternity. That memory is one you don’t want to keep in your head. You want the memory of them laughing, smiling, and messing with you to come back and make the bad memories go away.

Closing your eyes won’t make the painful memories go away. Closing your eyes will make the memories more vivid, more realistic than you could ever imagine.

Holding onto every memory you had made with that special someone would be like lightning striking the same place twice. It isn’t very probable that lightning strikes the same place twice.

Holding onto a memory is remembering that memory everyday of your life and trying to never let it go. It is looking through pictures and those pictures bringing back a flood of memories you wish you could keep at bay.

Watching videos, playing music, and looking through pictures that remind you of that special someone who you lost, and can never get back.

Looking in the mirror and seeing that special someone inside your facial features is holding onto a memory. Looking at your loved ones and knowing that a piece of your special someone lives on in them, even if it is just the way they look.

Holding onto a memory will sometimes make you crazy, and want to just give up on life because it hurts so bad. The pain is sometimes unbearable but you have to fight your way through it because you want them to live on forever in your mind.

Watching your child, or even your siblings grow can make that special someone’s memory live on forever in your heart. The memory will fade but it will always be there in some way.

Wishing to have them there with you won’t make the memory more vivid, or more realistic. Wishing them there doesn’t take the pain away; it just helps you move on with your life in remembering the times you both had together.

Holding onto a memory is like looking at your loved ones and knowing they will be there no matter what.

Although your special someone has passed away doesn’t mean you can’t keep apart of them in you. All you have to do is look back into your memories and know that they are there.

They may not be there in person with you but they can still make you smile like an idiot because of the memories you both shared. Being able to share something so deep and sensitive will make you smile when no one else can make you smile.

Holding onto a memory can last a lifetime, sometimes more. Keep that memory alive in some way and try not to let it fade.

How can you hold onto a memory, and not let it go?



8 thoughts on “Lasting a Lifetime

  1. Thanks for sharing your post, I’m sorry if you’ve lost anyone recently. This post is very strong and emotional. you did a very good job on writing it. I really liked all your metaphors throughout the post, it made the story that much stronger. Very good job, I know it could really help someone who has lost some one recently.
    thanks again for sharing.

    • Thank you. It took a lot out of me to write something so close to my heart. The people in the pictures are my family and friends.

  2. Hello,
    Even though I haven’t personally felt the loss of a loved one like you have, your blog still hit me hard. Memories are little snip its of your life that you’ll never have again, and it’s hard to keep hold of them. If you dont have something there to remind you of them everyday, then they can easily be lost forever. I’m sorry that you’ve had and felt loss in your life, it’s a tragedy that many go through. Memories can be triggered by many things such as a sound, a picture, or something that you experience in life. Keep hold of every memory you have, because in the end, all we really have are memories.

    -Courtney F

    • I am trying. Holding onto a memory is something that is very important to me. I want my brothers memory to live on forever within my son even though my son never knew his uncle besides a month of his life.

  3. Holding on to everything is important life is all about creating memories. creating memories should everyones goal in life with family and friends. I understand losing a two it sucks. but thats why you try to create as many memories possible.

    • Creating memories with loved ones are always going to happen whether you expect it or not. Losing those memories is possible and it will happen. But you will still remember the ones you really want too.

  4. Dear Blogger,

    Thank you for sharing this blog. I bet it was a really hard thing to do. But this hit home with me because i can relate and the metaphors you used are very realistic. Your sentence “Holding onto a memory will sometimes make you crazy, and want to just give up on life because it hurts so bad. The pain is sometimes unbearable but you have to fight your way through it because you want them to live on forever in your mind.”, related to me the most. I love that you related to your readers, and also got your point across.

    -Willie Stockton

    • Thanks Willie. Writing this was hard, when you lose someone so close to your heart you have to go on. I know what it’s like. My brother passing away made me a stronger person because I am keeping ahold of the small memories he and I made. I’m glad I could relate to my readers in one way or another.
      -Mikayla A.

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