Alice in Wonderland

Have you see one of the older Alice in Wonderlands and thought that they were just plain weird. If you have, then you may have decided that you don’t want to watch the new Alice in Wonderland. Well than I am sure that you are missing out on a very good movie, and I am writing this to convince you to watch the new Alice in Wonderland.



The 2010 vision of Alice in Wonderland is about Alice returning to wonderland and the Red Queen having taking over wonderland. So if you like adventure movies with unexplainable creatures, then I suggest that you watch Alice in Wonderland. In this movie there are a lot of unexplainable things like potions that makes you shrink, cake that makes you taller, or even caterpillars that smoke. There are flying monster birds and giant bear-like creatures, even talking rabbits. There is a guy who is crazed after he had experienced many bad things and watched villages burn. His name is the Mad Hatter and he can do a dance called the fuddle wagon.

The movie introduces the White Queen the sister of the Red Queen. The White Queen is the one that should be wearing the crown according to the story that her sister, the Red Queen, stole the crown from her. The Red Queen’s army as some people should know is made of people dressed in cards, and the White Queen’s arm it made up of people dressed in white chess pieces. As Alice meet the White Queen, she talks about her younger sister and about her sister’s huge head. The White Queen explains that she took an interest in making potions and her sister took an interest in the anatomy of living things.

As in the original movies, the Red Queen gets people beheaded after yelling “off with their head,” she even beheads the king. Unlike the cartoons the Red Queen is not fat but her head is bigger than normal. But like in all the other versions the Red Queen has an obsession with the color red and has to have everything around her red. The Red Queen has Alice by her side in part of the movie but never realizes that it is Alice.

In the movie Alice was told that she was the wrong Alice and she was convinced that everything that was happening was part of her dream. She believes that it was a dream and she was determined that she could not be harmed by these dream monsters. Later on in the movie, she has visions about her younger self seeing all of the same stuff that she was seeing now.

After she finds out that this entire wonderland is not a dream, she decided to fight for the White Queen. She takes in hand a special sword that can slay the dragon-like creature that the Red Queen has as her champion. The fight takes place on a giant chess board which makes it look odd for the Red Queen because her worriers are cards. During the fight the giant creature talks to the sword, but Alice thinks that it is taking to her. When Alice delivers the final blow to the monster, she yells “off with your head.” After the fight, the Mad Hatter did the dance that he was famous for just before Alice went home.

Now I am sure you would like to ask questions about Alice in Wonderland, but I feel telling you more would spoil the movie.  I am sure you might go watch it now to get an understanding for yourself. But then again I may have not convinced you to watch it yet and if I didn’t then I am sure you are missing out on a good story.


4 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. I really enjoyed this review, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I liked the older versions of the movie a lot, I have not yet seen the newer version, I was already convinced I wanted to, but the review kind of gave me the whole plot to the story, it was kind of a lot of detail that I didn’t need to know. To improve I would make it more exciting and tell about the fights.
    thanks again.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your view/opinion on the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I actually have seen this movie and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever! If you compare it to the disney animated one, then it makes no sense at all. The reason being because the newer movie is actually almost completely based off of the book that was written. The animated movie had some of the book in it but it was mainly made up. I personally would prefer to watch the animated alice in wonderland rather than the new one because I dont really like the new one. It’s a little too strange for my taste.

    -Courtney F

  3. Hello, I really enjoy and agree with your view of this amazing movie. I used to love wathing the older Alic in Wonderland movies and I think the newer version just added to my love of the movie. It is a great movie and you have convinced me that I made a great decision in watching it. I enjoyed your review very much, thank you.

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