Attack on Titan Review

       The attack of giant zombies! That pretty much describes the monsters in this incredible tv show. I was in awe after watch the first episode of this masterpiece. Attack on Titan is a show about a world where out of nowhere giants showed up. These titans on average are 45-50 feet tall and eat humans! They have no intelligence what so ever and live solely for the purpose of consuming humans. The story follows a boy named Eren Jaeger who is an ambitious character.

When the titans appeared they consumed nearly the entire population on earth. A low few managed to build walls up to 200 feet tall. They built towns, cities, and districts inside these walls. They had about three walls inside these walls and those who lived deeper in the walls were wealthier. Eren as ambition to leave the walls because he read a book about what the world has to offer. He wants to see terrain outside the walls. He views everybody inside the walls as equivalent to cattle. Eren has a foster sister named Mikasa and a best friend named Armin.



The walls were successful in holding the titans out for 100 years. There are 3 military branches inside the walls. One is called the Garrison, also know as the stationary guards, protect order near the walls. Another is called the Military Police which pretty much does the same thing police in our country does. And the last one are the Survey Corps. The Survey Corps leave the walls to explore what’s out there and gather more information on titans. Eren wants to join that branch so he can explore the outside world. At the beginning of the show the survey corps are shown coming back looking devastated after a mission failed. They lost half of their troops and the captain claimed they did not learn anything new. This does not discourage our main character though. 

ImageOne day the sky looked ominous. Eren had just got in a fight with his mother about wanting to join the survey corps when he grows older. He’s chatting with Armin and Mikasa and Armin states that just because the wall has not been broken in 100 years does not mean it can not be breached today. As soon as he said that a ground thumping lightning strike hits right outside the walls. Everyone sees steam rise up from that area and then a biggest titan anybody could imagine peaks his head over the 200 foot tall wall. All is quiet and everyone is paralyzed and speechless. The colossal titan kicks a hole threw the wall and literally disappears into thin air!

Right after the walls been breached titans start to walk into the city. Rocks and ruble fly through the air and land on a few people. Eren runs back to his house to see that his house has been crushed by a rock and his mom is laying there alive but the lower half of her body in under the rock. Eren and Mikasa try to save her but can not lift the rubble. A titan spots them as they try to save their mom. Hannes, a member of the Garrison and a friend of Eren’s father, shows up and Erens mother tells him to take the kids and run.

ImageHannes instead claims he will kill the titan and save all of them. As soon has he gets close to the titan he is struck with incredible fear as this is his first time actually seeing one. The titans looking him right in the face smiling at him. Hannes changes his mind and takes the kids and run. As Eren and Mikasa is being taken by Hannes he sees the titan lift the rubble and pick up his struggling mom. He witnesses his moms death right in front of him.

ImageAfter this he swears he will slaughter all of the titans. Here is the problem though, Titans can only be killed if they are cut in the back of there necks. Which is a hard target. If you cut them anywhere else they will regenerate.

Now what I just explained is a short version of the first episode. There are 25 total. I found this show extremely intriguing and captivating. The emotion transfers of the the characters voice overs make you feel like you are in the situation. I would always get chills when people would scream. Unfortunately this show is so far only dubbed in Japanese and subbed in English. Despite that, this is literally my favorite show of all time. But because it is an anime not many people will know about this brilliant show. I just hope that one day they use actors and let everybody know about this show. This show gets better and better every episode and leaves you on edge wanting to watch the next. My mom enjoys this show and she does not even watch anime! The first season just ended and had a slight cliff hanger. A second season has not been confirmed but there most likely will be one! I rate this show a perfect 10/10! Have you heard about this show?

Akim Muhammad


One thought on “Attack on Titan Review

  1. My roommate was told about this show and I watched the first episode with him and it was very interesting and a little creepy. this review has reminded me of this show and I will probably start watching it when I can find some extra time to rub together.

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