Have you ever felt like you are always the second in everything or in the thing that you would like you to be a champion? Being a runner-up makes you feel like a loser? You are not the only one. Change your point of view of being a runner-up and it will make you be a champion.


As a tennis player being a runner-up in an important tournaments and competitions made me feel good in the begining because you reached so far in the competition but, after losing a lot of finals it made me feel like a first loser. It’s like happiness and sadness at the same time. Also, it depends on the point of view of every person because for me its more sadnes than hapiness but for conformist people its more happiness than sadness.


Once, I lost four consecutive finals and I wanted to give up and stop competing. It doesn’t matter how good the other playersare, when you lose a final its like having something that you really want almost in your hands and then it’s taken away.


When I arrived here in Mcpherson college I knew I was far from my best tennis level, so I thought that probably someone was going to be better than me. Surprisingly, non was better than me, only one player was in my level. Because I’m a freshmen, coach wants me to play numer two and it makes me feel like a runner-up. Therefore, I had to change my point of view of being a runner-up, from being the first loser to in order to be a champion first you need to be a runner-up and overcome it.

Therefore, I don’t want to think like a loser but as a future number one. Also, I can still be freshmen of the year and It won’t be a second place anymore.


6 thoughts on “BEING A RUNNER-UP

  1. Hey Joan-Marc,
    I know exactly how you feel with being a runner up. In high school my coach never gave me the opportunity to show my stuff, so I was always the back up keeper for my team. Being a runner up makes you feel like you arent good enough, but you don’t really understand why. You put all you have in practice, try your best, but it never seems to be good enough. I’m glad you’ve taken the runner up mentality and changed it into a motivating and driving force instead of an inhibiting one. I hope that everything works out and goes your way for tennis and good luck!

    -Courtney F

  2. unfortunately i have been in your shoes though it may not be the best you still have battles with the number one. i have beat the person who was ahead of me and he has beat me we went back and forth and knowing he was number one gave me the drive to win.

  3. Joan,
    I totally know where you are coming from. As a track runner 2nd place is a very common thing to get. Although in a track meet 2nd place isn’t as shameful when your facing 30+ runners, but that feeling that you get when you were so close to winning overall just some what sucks. Over the years it has pushed me to become a better runner. I wish you and the tennis team good luck this year!
    -Michael J

  4. I tottally understand. Taking 2nd with several other in a meet is great. I play soccer and taking 2nd is not as great as track because there is less teams. but there is nothing with taking 2nd you can take 1st next time just work harder to reach the top.

  5. Joan Marc
    I definitely agree with you in your blog because 2nd place is the worst feeling in competition. Knowing that you were so close of a 1st place but failing to achieve should make you work harder for the upcoming year. I’ve experience it this past season by getting second in conference which feels like we didnt accomplish anything with the fact we came behind first. No one rememebers a second place. But being behind a fellow teammate at a younger age should actually feel good because you will learn a lot from them which help you become a better player. Stay confident in your abilities and you will soon be leading your team.
    -Oscar Cortez

  6. Joan Marc
    I know exactly how you feel especially since I’m on the tennis team with you. I see you out there grinding everyday trying to be that number one because it’s what you really want and that shows a lot of character in a person. Last year when I played tennis I never won. I wanted to give up and never play it again but when I came here my whole mindset changed.

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