Come & Go

Come & Go

By: Charles boosa

Its funny how people who use to mean so much to you and were always there, now mean nothing because they are never there. I was just alone thinking that, remember all your great high school buddy’s. The people you us to see every day. The people that knew you so well. Are now nowhere to be found?

Just some days you day dream about the good old days and just think about the great times with your friends. Then boom you wake up only to remember that was in the past now you are miles miles miles away from each other. You may get a text now and then, but really does that work. Does that still make you feel like best friends? To me it makes me feel like they aren’t even alive, or they don’t even remember you. I guess you were just a little part of their life they had to deal with and now don’t care or not then that they don’t care. Its cause all have drifted so far apart because of college , sports , education, drugs and more   that there is now no way to come back together .

I guess when my older sister told me college changes people I didn’t really believe thCAMB541Gher till about a few weeks ago. When I texted one of my friends back home to just check up on and everything. We had a heart to heart convocation about college. But I guess I’m trying to say is college changes you for good or bad it’s always on how you look at it. So even though people us to mean so much and was always there are now gone, doesn’t mean you can’t find new amazing people to fill that spot.  To always be there and make you laugh. Be there to comfort you. Be able to know what’s wrong and how to fix it, and most of all just be your friend.


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