Dance is Life

If dancing was not a part of my life I do not know what could replace it. The love I have for dancing is unbelievable. I dance 24/7, and anybody that knows me knows I’m not lying.

Dancing has been a part of my life since I could remember doing it. Its like I came out of my moms womb and I was doing the newest dance that there was to do.

Dancing for me is like a way to get away from the world and what is going on at the moment. There will be times where nothing matters to me and everybody is shut off for a while, and i just dance for hours at a time. It brings me back down to earth, its sort of a soothing thing.

When I say that I am a dancer I am a true all around dancer. I just do not do one type of dance I do many of them. From hip-hop to waltz, salsa, ballroom dancing, and all of the different local street dances that are out. I just like learning new dances and becoming good at them.

I would have to say that dancing is fairly easy for me to learn and do, is because I love doing it so much. Every time a new dance comes out I’m the first one on it, and i”m letting my friends know about it and teaching them.

To me the best part of dancing, is when you have a crew to dance with. When it comes to dancing with a crew its like you become family with everybody on the team. You have to trust them and believe in them, that they know what they are doing. I have been with my crew since 9th grade, and we have won multiple competitions and have been sponsored twice.

Dancing is that one thing that completes my everyday living. I was born to dance and dancing is what I’m going to do. Who would I be if dancing was not my middle name.


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9 thoughts on “Dance is Life

  1. Dear Marlin,

    Dancing is a beautiful thing of art. Seriously its great to watch and even to dance. You can feel the rhythm and beats through you. You can hear and fell the dancers emotion. I remember when I used to dance in a crew, and solo. We were great. It was unbelievable the times we had as “family” and how close we became because of one thing. Our crews should battle?

    • Im glad someone that actually dances commented on my post. Dance is one of the highest arts that can be done. Everybody can not dance, most people can not even feel a rhythm. We should talk more, we might be able to start a crew out here. I have been looking for a crew to start or join.

  2. Dear Marlin,

    This was a very good blog. I’m glad to see that you are so passionate about something. It is nice to have something that you can do to get away from everything else in the world. I have seen you dance and I can really tell that it comes naturally to you.

    Paige Phillips

    • Thanks lady, I appreciate it that you took time to read my blog.Also thanks for the compliment, if you want to learn any dance moves just let me know.Just to let you know you spelled my name wrong. It is Marlon.

  3. Dear Marlin,
    I could totally relate, I’ve done all sorts of dancing since I was little. Its a great thing, its something that you can go to when nothing else makes since. That’s awesome that you compete and have your own crew. I never knew that about you, but its really awesome. Thanks for sharing! I really like your blog and hopefully ill get to see you dance soon!

    • Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. I never knew that you danced that is dope. Why did you stop dancing? You should check out my video that I posted on my blog. Maybe one day I can see you dance.

  4. marlon you cant dance quit trying. in all fun ive seen you dance before and i know dancing is your passion keep it up and maybe someday youll be the next usher……….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s funny

    • AHAHAH im dead bro, but good looking on reading this. I needed one more comment to do. You know I can dance so quit with all the nonsense. I will teach you how to dance one of these good days.

  5. I like this blog but I wish I could dance and I could never dance. Its never been apart of my life like yours but I like to go dance when I can. Its super fun to go dance with friends at a party or a club. Great blog overall its cool that your in to dancing.

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