Denver Broncos Vs Kansas City Chiefs


The Broncos chiefs match-up was not only one of the best games the AFC west has ever hosted it was possibly the biggest game of this year. The Broncos came out on top 27-17 but this game was much more than a score. Coming into the game the broncos were 8-1, and in second place behind the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs. This game could have won the AFC west for the Chiefs but with the Broncos won it setting them on top and leaving the division open for the second meeting in week 13.

Key Players:

BRONCOS                                            CHIEFS

Peyton Manning                                  Alex Smith

24-40                                                   21-45

323 yards                                            230 yards

1 touchdown                                       2 touchdowns


Knowshon Moreno                              Jamaal Charles

27 carries                                            16 carries

79 yards                                              78 yards

0 touchdowns                                      0 touchdowns


Demaryius Thomas                             Dwayne Bowe

5 receptions                                        4 receptions

121 yards                                            57 yards

0 touchdowns                                      1 touchdown

Other key players for the Broncos were Monte Ball who rushed for 2 touchdowns and Julius Thomas who had one touchdown.

Other key players for Kansas City were Fasano who had one touchdown reception.


First Quarter: In the first quarter there was not many key plays due to impressive defensive play by both teams. The big plays however came from Praters first field goal that broke the 0-0 score and set the Broncos on track. At the end of the quarter Denver scored their first touchdown to extend their lead to 10.

Second Quarter: Kansas City took big strides to keep the game close in the second quarter. Alex Smith hooked up with Bowe to put KC’s first points on the board. Denver then followed up with a 1 yard touchdown run by Ball to regain the 10 point lead. Prater then misses a long field goal close to the end of the half and KC drove the ball down the field to get their own field goal in a 6 point swing and closing the game back down to a one possession game going into half time. Both turnovers in this game came back to back in this quarter. There was a bad connection on a handoff from Manning to Ball which resulted in the first turnover of the game. The next play Smith throws a bubble screen to tight end McGrath. McGrath gets hit hard by linebacker Trevathan who forces the fumble that Denver recovered.

Third Quarter: The third quarter started out slow. Kansas holds Denver to three, three-and-outs. This was big considering Denver has scored more points than any other team in the NFL in the third quarter. The stops didn’t last forever however. Denver punched in an 8 yard run by Ball to make it a two possession game and extend the score to 24-10. At the end of the quarter the game seemed to be over since has struggled to put up a lot points on the board throughout the season.

Fourth quarter: The start of the fourth quarter was slow but then sped up to an intense ending. About half way through the third quarter Denver kicker Prater striked again to extend the lead 27-10 making it a 3 possession game. The chiefs then tried to mount a comeback with Smith targeting Fasano for a 10 yard touchdown with 4:56 left in the game. Denver then manages to milk time off the clock and Kansas City was not able to pull off the comeback.

The biggest stat in the game however was 0 sacks by the Kansas City defense on Peyton Manning. Denver did a great job of keeping a consistent successful running game thorough the game. This helped keep Kansas City’s blitzing on check.  Another contributing factor to keeping manning on his feet was the quick release passing offense that Denver was running. Peyton on average was getting the ball out of his hand in 2.5 seconds.

This stat was the downfall of Kansas City. They needed to keep pressure on Peyton by blitzing often and using the big 3 on the line to wreak havoc on the Broncos offensive line while opening up lanes to send blitzing linebackers at manning.

Overall Kansas City did a good job on Denver’s all-star receiving cast. They played better man coverage than any other team. Brandon Flowers played very close physical coverage on Wes Welker keeping him in check for most of the game and not letting Welker find the end zone during the game.

Eventually Denver did find the holes in the defense and Manning was able to capitalize on the open receivers to manufacture 27 points on a defense that had not let up more than 17 points to any other team this season.

Kansas City took an interesting approach to defending this high powered Denver offense. Kansas City played man defense all game and didn’t adjust to manning checks at the line. Most teams try to use complex schemes that hide coverage’s and have players always moving to disguise their coverage and hopefully confuse Peyton.

This style did hold the Broncos offense to their lowest scoring game of this season but I think we can expect to see more zone coverage’s and moving defenses to slow down Peyton even more in their next matchup in week 13.

I think that this next matchup is something that we all can look forward too. The matchup in week 13 will be held in Kansas City giving the Chiefs a strong advantage. Also we should be able to expect some surprises from Kansas City on offense and defense in order to score more points and slow down the Broncos a tad bit. This next game will most likely decide the winner of the AFC West division and who will receive the number one seed out of the AFC this year and providing home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Comment on my post with any comments or responses about this game and/or with any questions or comments about the next meeting in week 13!

Cody Schicktanz


3 thoughts on “Denver Broncos Vs Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Hey Cody,
    I personally still don’t like the Broncos, but you did a nice job with stating all of the facts for each team and going through each quarter. You gave your personal opinion and I applaud you for that. I think that this game was a really good match up, but honestly I think that the Chiefs didn’t show up to play. The Broncos we’re all over them; I think that this game will help fuel the fire for the Chiefs for week 13 when they go head to head at Kansas City. Thanks for giving both sides of the bench.

    -Courtney F

  2. i think KC is going to win. Denver just lost to the patriots and the broncos seem to be losing steam the saints will definitely get their second EVER superbowl win against the Chiefs im calling it right here right now.

  3. Well, Denver won the game. The facts that you posted in your blog are very true, correct, and showed Courtney how the Broncos are that much better than the Cowboys. How can you be from Colorado and hate the Broncos? Come on now. You did good by showing stats for the Denver and KC and not just sticking to the better half (Denver).

    -Kevin S.

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