Ford 9″


Building a strong engine is all that is needed to make a vehicle fast right? Wrong. It is not as easy as some people make it out to be, engines need a strong drivetrain behind it to throw the power to the ground. 

 Ever since the Ford 9 inch live axle came to the market car enthusiasts have been putting it into the street rods, drag cars, hot rods, etc. Although strength plays a huge role in the popularity of the 9 inch; the drop out carrier, availability, locking, limited slip, spool options, and many gear ratio options pushed it even farther up in quality. 

 Various companies all over the world have been designing parts and ways that anyone can buy to convert the 9 inch to fit into their Camaro, Charger, or GTO. There are now conversion kits to fit almost any muscle car or truck and if you can’t find one already made, there are forums online that show you exactly how to design your own. 

There is no doubt that the Ford 9 Inch is the best rear end to ever been made. Ford knew what they were doing when designing this so that people could easily work on whatever they needed and making the options easy to interchange.  

Photo taken by DazeCars

Kevin Smith


4 thoughts on “Ford 9″

  1. smitkev17,
    This was a good review on the Ford 9″. I honestly didn’t know to much about it before I read this article, but now I know a good basis about it. It sounds like the sure way to go for a street rod. Do you have any idea on the approximate price tag for these? Again, this was a good article, and I hope others find this information useful as I know car enthusiasts will.
    Emerson V.

    • They would be awesome for a street rod, or even your little s-15, who knows. You could get lucky and score one of these rear axles at a junk yard for maybe $50-100 in decent condition. They definitely are not priced the highest because there are so many companies coming up with parts for them, so they are not short handed in any way and bumped in price. They are just like anything else these days, priced a little too high, but what can ya do? Thanks for the post Emerson.

  2. smitkev17,
    This was a great review of the ford nine inch rear end. it truly has been pivotal in numerous automotive and custom/hotrod applications. Ford really hit the nail on the head when producing them. Are there other rear ends produced by ford that are similar to the nine? Also what were the gearing options offered for the nine? Do you have any projects that you plan on using a Ford nine inch rear end on?

    -M. Goist

    • Thanks for the post Matt. Ford also had the 8.8 which was very similar to the 9″, but you could fit a higher gear ratio into the 9″ with all in all made it stronger. Any live axle can be built strong, but at some point the torque will overcome the strength and cause axle-wrap; nobody wants that. I am not sure if i would go with the Ford 9″ and the only reason I wouldn’t is because of the “Ford”. Id like to keep all things Mopar in my project.

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