How-To Run the Fastest 40 Possible

You’re in ready position as the gun fires, signaling you to go. You slip up at the start but you regain balance and take off. You realize midstride you didn’t use the legendary Master T’s superior technique.
So, you wanna learn how to run the fastest 40 possible huh? Well you’re in luck; I’m feeling generous and willing to let you in on my little secret.
First you have to stretch, without stretching and limbering up you have no chance in hell to run your best. After you have finished stretching do some warm ups to help out even more. Then get your legs ready to work by running a couple short 10 yard dashes. This will help with the explosion.
Once you feel you’re ready to go get on the starting line and take a knee, place your hands right behind the line and keep your base really small. It may feel awkward at first, but trust me it will help. Put your feet in a stagger one foot slightly behind the other, kind of like this.?????????????????????

After you have completed this process pull your arm back so when you take off you thrust your arm forward and it helps propel you forward. When the spectator blows the whistle or says go lunge forward like a track start but stay on your feet the way you line up you will be leaning forward and is a different take off then a wider base. All three are good examples.

While you’re running remember to breathe not strain and keep your hands moving cheek to pocket. You will feel faster look faster and most of all be faster. Your coaches and/or friends will be in awe when you demolish the school record or get a PR. It also helps to be athletic and actually fast but it will help everyone and anyone.
Using this technique will speed you up moderately but still shaves off time to help you get the best time possible. This is my technique on how to run a fast 40. Remember stretch, warm up, two short sprints line up correctly and breathe.

This has been the legendary Master T’s not-so secret 40 technique.
Taren (McDizzle) McDaniel


5 thoughts on “How-To Run the Fastest 40 Possible

  1. Dear Taren,

    This is exactly how my coach taught me how to run the 40, along with many other exercises. He even told us it was from Mr. T. it actually helps increase your time quite a bit. did it help you?

  2. Next time I run the 40 yard dash, I will make sure to use the ” legendary Master T” style. Everything you said is true though. I( hope you take our own advice also. You also do not have to be athletic to run, you just have to want to run.

  3. I always thought I had a decent time on a 40. Knowing this I can increase my time technique is everything. technique is what separates athletes Easy to understand and read.

  4. Hey, I learned alot from your post. I have never been all that great at running the 40, but after reading this I might be able to get a little faster. Thank you for the tips, I enjoyed your post.

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