How To Shoot A Free Throw

free%20throwMany people want to be able to shoot a basketball in general. There are so many ways you can teach a person to shoot a free throw. IF you have a knock down free throw shot, you have one of the greatest assets to a players game. There are a lot of different techniques you could do to have that perfect free throw shot. But if you follow me through these steps and opinions on how to shoot you will become a great shooter.

First step to this perfect shot, lining your body up with the rim and the free throw line is key in any free throw shot. You want to make sure that you’re in the middle of the free throw line. The way I always know that im lined up with the rim and the free throw line, most of the time there is a nail that’s directly line up with the rim and is in the middle of the free throw line. You want to make sure that both of your feet are parallel to each other. If you’re a beginner your shot tends to go whichever way your foot is not parallel.

Second step to this perfect shot. Hand placement on the ball is also a main part of a good shot in general. Only because if you don’t have your hands right then there is a possibility that you block your own shot. So with that being said if you’re right handed you want to make sure your right is like behind/on top of the ball. For beginners you want to line your fingers up with the grips on the ball also known as the black lines on the ball.

Third step to the perfect shoot is using your legs. If you don’t use your legs there is a guarantee that you will air ball the free throw. Using your legs helps your really get lift on your shot. Most coaches mainly tell you to use your legs for when youre in the middlw of a game youre dead tired and your shot would be short but if you use your legs you would get lift right to the rim.

Fourth step to the perfect shot is using the 5 count. So the 5 count is pretty much putting all these in one. The 5 count starts with 2 dribbles. Once you take the first 2 driblles that’s one and two of the 5 count. #3 of the 5 count  is bending the knees and looking at the rim. 4 of the 5 count is getting your hand right and also bringing the ball up. The 5th step of the 5 count will be the shot getting it up and following through will be good.

In conclusion I hope you as a reader has learned more about shooting a free throw. I hope that you follow these steps in being a great free throw shooter. Good luck to you all.


4 thoughts on “How To Shoot A Free Throw

  1. Good post man! Taught me a few key points that I didn’t know were influential in beginner shooters. I also like the way you worked through the steps, it was very organized and helped me as a reader be able to focus on each step at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by trying to visualize all the the steps at once! Keep up the good work man!

    • Hey Cody, I’m glad that you learned some new things as a beginner. We all don’t have the perfect shot but I’m sure you will now! Thanks for reading the blog. Thanks!

  2. Dear Chaise,
    I have never played basketball, but I think maybe it could help me to even attempt to even shoot. I didn’t know there was so much to look at and perfect in shooting. To improve your blog you might want to look over it before you post it! But other than that t was very good and I think it could help a lot of basketball players. Maybe I will need the tips sometime!

    • Hey thanks on the comment Hayley! But if you trust me with these steps you could really become a great free throw shooter. Then that could lead to becoming a good shooter!

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