How to strike a soccer ball

Have you ever wondered how a soccer player is so accurate while shooting? Or how do they get so much power on the ball?

Striking a soccer ball is starting to become an art. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi. Making tremendous goals with there different styles to get a crazy spin on the ball. Free kicks and just shooting in general is becoming a science as well.

There are many ways to strike a ball to get the ball to move in all different directions. You can get the ball to do almost whatever you want. Each strike has a different technique to master. Im only going to go over the most basic way to shoot. Some people call this a power shot or just simply striking the ball.

Just like with everything else in sports takes technique for you to be successful. Striking a soccer ball is one of the hardestfreekick1 techniques to master in soccer. Pros today still struggle to put a shot on goal. It must be hard if pros struggle every now and again to hit a target 24′ x 8′ right?

The only way to master this technique is by going out and practicing just like anything else you wish to be good at. That is the only way you are going to benefit from reading this if you are willing to go out and practice.

These are very simple steps in words, putting them in action is the problem. We are going to focus on the ball sitting still first. If you can not hit the ball while its sitting still  how well you going to do when its moving?

First step is all about your setup. If you mess this up its hard to hit the ball cleanly and to hit it on target. You want to take about 5 to 6 steps back form the ball and 1 to 2 steps to the right or  left depending on which foot you prefer. You want to move to the right if you are left footed and if you are right footed  you want to place your self on the left side of the ball.

plantfootThe Second step is your plant foot. This foot is more important than your shooting foot.  Your plant foot is your cross hairs. Where ever this foot is pointing is where the ball is going to go. When coming up to the ball your want your plant foot to be a couple inches from the ball. This helps keeps your balance over the ball and helps keep your weight over the ball as well.

101886574_display_imageStep three is is simply keeping your head over the ball. Keeping your head over the ball is how you keep the ball from soaring way over the cross bar. Keep your eye on the ball till it leaves your foot. You must stay over the ball through your whole shot. If you look up to early you better expect that ball to go flying out of play.

The fourth step is finally striking the ball. When striking the ball with this technique you want to hit the ball with your laces. Make sure to make good clean contact. If you do the whole technique right you will not have to strike the ball 100 percent. If the technique is done correctly the ball should fly right off your foot.

These are your 4 simply steps to strike a ball. Its all about your technique not the power, players sometimes forget this. This takes sometime to master, so be patient. Hope this helps you. Remember practice makes perfect.

Brandon Lang


6 thoughts on “How to strike a soccer ball

  1. Good Post Brandon! I am not much of a soccer fan myself but you did a great job of keeping my attention and teaching me the steps of striking the ball. I also like how you use the word “striking” often to show proper usage of your title. Finally good job of using pictures along with the steps to give me a visual reference.

  2. i played soccer in highschool, i wasn’t the greatest but i was fast and i had decent ball skills. though this is the correct way to kick the ball i never quite mastered it which kept me from excelling in points and stats. i played striker which needs to kick the ball but also i played defender a few games.

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  4. Brandon,
    Great post Brandon just by reading the title it caught my attention to open up the blog. I agree and liked that you provided step by step on how to be successful in striking a ball into a 24′ by 8′ soccer goal. Striking a hard ball into a target is definitely not easy to do but with practice anything can be done. Yes, its all about the technique and not the power of the shooting. Practice makes perfect so the more you practice the easier it will be after several attemps.
    -Oscar Cortez

  5. Hello Brandon!
    The title of your blog caught my eye! I play soccer; so of course I had to read this blog! You did a really great job with the step by step process of how to strike the ball. I honestly would not have been able to describe all the steps as well as you did. You didn’t give to much detail, or not enough information to confuse them. Great general point made about practice makes perfect with anything in life you do!

    Willie Sue

  6. Brandon
    This post was fantastic. I used to play soccer myself and always found it hard to put the ball in the net. After reading this I finally realized what my problem was. It’s incredible to have someone else’s point of view on something to realize what you’re doing wrong. This was an excellent post, and it’s very helpful.


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