Life Away From Home

Life away from home for the first time in your life is a lot like the start of a cross country race. Growing up with your family and going to high school was all your practice. It is the time to show everybody what you can do on your own. Of course there will always be the things that you miss from your old home life, but there are just as many benefits, if not more, such as being on your own and starting the next chapter of your life.

You will always miss the people you have grown close to. At first it was very hard for me to let go of my old friends and not be able to see my family as much as I’d like. Even though I had made two trips back within the first two months it wasn’t until the third months that I really settled in. Going back that much in the first few months isn’t recommended as it makes it harder to move on. Click here for more tips if your just starting college. Another thing that was unfamiliar was the fact that I knew nobody at the college. Everybody here was new and I had no idea what they liked or how they acted much like how you won’t know how other racers will perform.

Although it was hard to get away from my life in Falcon, Colorado, it starting getting a lot easier once I settled in. Making so many new friends was such a great experience. As a cross country runner, you’re part of a team and I have never felt closer to a group of people than I have to this team. We all do everything together and have a blast doing it. Meeting this awesome group of individuals has made the first semester here at McPherson college well worth it on its own. On top of making new friends I also had a great season of cross country, ending up as the #1 freshman in our conference. The only reason I was able to achieve this was with the help of my coach and my teammates pushing me throughout the season to strive for more. Also the fact that I don’t have my parents constantly checking in on me and where I’m going everyday is a relief, and just the fact that I’m free to do almost anything I want and when I want to. It is defiantly more relaxed now that I’ve settled down, just like running downhill.

Leaving home for college was a hard decision, but it was defiantly needed. Even though it is tough at first everything eventually ended up for the better. Everybody needs to start the next chapter of your life, but whether you decide read a little faster or slower is up to you. The race has just begun and I can’t wait for more. How was your first semester at college?

Michael Janzer


14 thoughts on “Life Away From Home

  1. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for sharing about the hard times associated with moving going to college. It’s hard to move away from home and start a new all over again. Trying to find your new place in life is difficult. My first semester at college has been a doosy. I’m sad to say that I’m leaving Mac college because of the way its been going. I tried to find my place and a group of people to call my new friends/ “family” but it never really happened. I wish that my first semester couldve gone better, and it did get a little better as time went on, but it was too late and I had already made my decision to transfer. I hope that Mac college works out for you and that you keep having a good time and making friends. Good luck with everything!

    -Courtney F

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m sorry to here that things did not end up working out for you here at McPherson College. The small environment is just not for everybody I guess. I really hope you find a college that suits your social and academic needs. Good luck with everything in the futrue.
      – Michael J

  2. Dear Michael,

    Your blog was very well written. I agree with you that is hard to move away from home. At first I wasn’t sure that I could make it on my own in college. I was nervous about making new friends and everything else that college involves. Being part of a team really does help you get to know people. I feel like my softball teammates are like having another family here at college. After how unsure I was about being able to make it at college I have realized that I can because of all the friends and support I have here. I am glad to hear that your first semester has gone good as well.

    Paige Phillips

    • Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with being part of a team helps. I was trying to emphasize it mostly in my blog because that easily made coming to college and being away from home the easiest. As time goes on it will get even easier, I’m sure, but I really hope your first semester has gone just as good as mine has!
      -Michael J

  3. Dear Michael,
    I really liked the subject of your blog, the way you compared it to your passion was really good and creative. it made me be able to really relate with you. I’m glad that your liking it here, coming from another state must be hard. This was very well written and you did a good job, I’m glad to hear that cross country went so well, good job! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your reply. Comparing it to my passion seemed very easy just because whenever I think about it words just kind of flow. I really hope your first semester went as well as mine did even though I’m assuming you are from Kansas.
      -Michael J

  4. I feel like your blog is easy to relate to, Micheal.
    I also went home multiple times my first few months here, and it was difficult to make myself come back to campus. After one visit, I actually ended up bringing my mattress with me! I noticed that phone calls and video chats have made it easier for me to stay connected to my family back home, but I am still able to be engaged in the campus life around me. Mac is close enough from home that I can return when I want to, but far enough to deter me from spending too much time in that chapter so I can continue to write my next one.

    Thanks for sharing your unique prospective!
    ~Kayla O.

    • Thanks for your response. Going home the first couple times did make me double think about whether or not going to Mac was the right choice. But in time I found out that this is my new home and all my new friends are my new family. It is nice though to be able to stay connected through today’s technology, I would have a lot harder time staying here if it wasn’t for that. Hope your first semester was as good as mine!
      -Michael J

  5. Micheal,
    Comparing leaving home to running a race really helped get your point across. I play soccer at Mac and like you said it’s easier to feel at home when you have your coaches and teammates support. I also struggled to stay away from home when I first arrived here. It would be very hard to not know anyone. Thankfully for me my best friend is also here playing soccer. That made the transition easier for me.


    • Thanks for your response. As you and I both said it is so much easier when you have a team. And I have never felt more apart of a team in my whole life than my first semester at Mac. It is good that your best friend came to Mac, if my best friend did I’d probably get into a lot of trouble! Well good luck next semester!
      -Michael Janzer

  6. Michael,
    Great title of blog which defines almsot every student who attends college away from home. I can relate to your story because thats how I felt when I first came to Mac. I homesick for a while missing my family and friends back at home. After settling in Mac I met new friends and amazing teammates who are now my main boys. It feels more comfortable coming back to Mac after breaks because I now have good friends on ny side. The first semester living alone is the hardest but after a while you will get use to it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the race with great teammates as well.
    -Oscar Cortez

  7. I can relate to this in a way. I am from Kansas, but I moved away from my home and went out on my own. I am a single mother and when my son isn’t living with me full time I feel home sick in a way. He is my home, he is where my heart sits. This was a good post and may help others. Thanks for sharing!
    -Mikayla A.

  8. Michael,
    I can relate to lots of the things in your post about being away from home. I would have never traveled this far from Ohio if it weren’t for the Restoration program. Its not easy to just up and leave family, freinds, and your life basically to start a new one. For some it goes better than others. I have found the best way to cope with being this far away is to meet new people and to constantly keep busy. I have done this by being sociable and working at Applebee’s. I have actually started liking it here and its not as bad being this far from home. Hope the rest of your college career goes well for you.

    -M. Goist

  9. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post. I completley agree with the fact that it is hard to leave home at first. I agree with your even more in the fact that it is a relief to be on your own. I really enjoyed your post and it makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one feeling like this. Thanks for your post.

    -B. Lee

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