Life Crashing Around You

What happens when the one thing you wanted the most has been taken away from you within a second? The goal you have worked so hard for falls just out of reach? When there remains, perhaps, just a glimmer of hope? Do you give up, convinced all is lost? Do you work your hardest, determined something may still be possible? I know that this exact thing has happened to me when I thought my sports career was over for good.


The instant when I thought my life had fallen to pieces was the night I messed up my knee. It was my junior year during the first basketball game of the season and a girl had taken me out during a lay up. As I came down and hit the floor I heard a pop and I knew exactly what had happened because my softball coaches had always talked about their knee surgeries. After the swelling went down I went and got it checked out. This experience was like waiting for rain to fall in a continuous drought. Waiting for the results felt like an eternity.

Once the results came back the doctors had told me that I had torn my ACL, MCL, meniscus, and fractured my patella and femur. They also told me that it was likely that I would be playing any sports for a long time. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe that sports, which had taken a huge roll in my life, would be taken away from me just like that.


At first I thought that this couldn’t be happening to me, what did I do to deserve this? After a while I decided that I couldn’t dwell on the bad and I had to focus on the positives and find a goal to work towards.


My first goal was a large one. It was to back playing sports by my senior year. I knew that this was going to be a very hard goal to attain but I also knew that if I worked as hard as I could, it would be possible.


Instead of tackling one big goal I thought it would be easier to take on smaller goals one at a time. I started working on my first goal the second I got out of surgery, this goal was not to complain about anything. I made this my first goal because I knew that complaining would get me nowhere, I was going to have to work for everything.


Even though it was a gruesome 9 months I ended up being able to play in my first volleyball game my senior year. I was able to participate in basketball and softball as well. It took me a while to feel back to normal but I did it. In the end all my hard work paid off. I feel as though if I had never experienced this then I would never know the real meaning of hard work.


When you make goals for yourself sometimes they are larger than life and you think you cannot reach them but if you want them bad enough you can attain them. Richard Bach said: “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours.” Know-your-limitations-and-then-defy-them_large

I managed to persevere through all the bad time and I stayed positive in the toughest times. Was there a time where you thought you had nothing left but managed to find hope and work through it? Was there a time when you put your heart and soul into something and came out stronger than ever?


Paige Phillips


6 thoughts on “Life Crashing Around You

  1. Dear Paige,

    That was pretty inspiring, I don’t know if I could do what you did. I’d be devastated from the injury and not being able to play! This is great to hear, it will definitely help me if anything did happen. I’m glad to hear you pulled through it so greatly and became to where you are now. congratulations.

    Ryan Roth

    • Ryan,
      Thank you for commenting! I was devastated but in the end it really helped me out and taught me what hard work really meant. I’m glad I could help you out if this ever happened to you, which I hope it never does!

      Paige Phillips

  2. Hey Paige,
    I never knew that this happened to you and I’m sorry that it did. My junior year of high school during my high school tryouts for soccer, I ended up tearing my ACL and partially tearing my meniscus. I thought my life was over because I worked so hard for my whole life, and I knew that I would get that starting varsity spot if I could just make it through try outs. Then BAM. All the hopes and dream were ripped away from me. It’s really hard coming back from a major injury and surgery like you had, but I’m glad that you made it through. Physical therapy was difficult and I wanted to give up a lot of the time, but I knew I had to make it and play my senior year, and so I did. I hope that volleyball turns out good for you and you have a good season. Good luck!

    -Courtney F

    • Courtney,
      I never knew that you had knee surgery either! Physical therapy definitely was the hardest part about having the injury as I’m sure you know. I am glad to hear that you made it through and were able to play your senior year. You know the real meaning of hard work and I am happy that we can share that with each other.

      Paige Phillips

  3. Dear Paige,
    I enjoyed your blog! I haven’t had surgery or anything but I have been injured and know how bad it sucks to not be doing the one thing you love the most. The one thing that escapes you from everything and you can’t even get out there and do it. I love how you kept pushing yourself and you didn’t give up, such an inspiration. Applies to everything in life, I can fight through anything if I just push myself! 🙂

    Willie Sue

  4. Dear Paige,
    I can’t even imagine going through such a devastating injury! I love that your first goal was to not complain. I have had my share of injuries and I know how hard that is to do!
    -Riley W

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