Not All Girls Are the Same

All Girls Are Not the Same

“Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages to your gender.” is the statement that started it all.
“What if we can’t think of a disadvantage of being a guy?” said a one-minded fool in my communication’s class. My teacher with a grin on her face replies, “That’s funny because I have never heard a woman ask that question,” All the girls look around at each other and start laughing. Ignorant boys, I tell you.

To the women reading this article I was greatly shocked to their responses too. After the spark of the conversation I learned how much of men, excuse me boys, I totally disagree with. And how I look at many of them very differently because how much better they think they are than me. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a woman but there are also many disadvantages.

Strong Women
We are expected to be/do so many things. Have you ever met one woman that is always polite? A woman that has never burped? Or a woman that always sat with her legs closed? I know everyone’s’ answer to all of those will be no. It is “okay in society or socially acceptable” for a man to do those things. A woman is just like every other human on the earth and has to do the same exact body functions anyone else has to do.

Woman are seen as “weaker” human being, emotionally and physically. I can do anything a man can do, maybe even better. Women are so stereotyped to be these certain people who are pretty much perfect human beings. They cook, clean, take care of everyone, work, and are still expected to always look pretty. Also women in the workplace aren’t taken as seriously, and still don’t get paid the same to the dollar even though we are supposed to.

Men you think us women are weak? (Bahahaha) You make me laugh. Let’s see you deliver a baby, oh wait you can’t. Actually they did a test on a few men and they couldn’t even get past level three, level three; come on guys. How about bleed for a week straight for most of your life, oh you can’t? Yeah, didn’t think so.
Just stating these few examples might give men a different aspect on how they view women. And if you men still disagree; well then, at least be respectful to those women in your life. I believe we should all be equal, but women are better.

Men did you ever think about being with a guy? Since you guys are so… great.


13 thoughts on “Not All Girls Are the Same

  1. Dear Willy,

    Its funny how I thought you would write about this when I first heard the blog topic. I was going to write about it to support you girls. You women have it rough and that dude was ignorant on the things he said. There are many girls out there better then guys in many ways. Being sociably acceptable for a girl doesn’t apply for all men. I liked your wordiness and all in the blog.

    • Dear Ryan,
      Thanks for reading my blog! After posting this blog I realized a few of the guys that were in that class will probably be going to see this; but I didn’t care. Well thank you for supporting us women, not everybody thinks the way we do. Brings me happiness that some guys realize that we are not weak and can be just as good or even better than they are.

      Thanks again,
      Willie Sue

  2. Hey friend!
    I totally agree with you on a lot of aspects in your blog. We have so much going on in our lives that don’t affect men and we are still expected to be the perfect definition of a woman. Every person is different and doesn’t always fit into stereotypes that we assign to them. I hope your blog opens up peoples’ minds and makes them think twice about their preconceived notions.


    • Dear C-Payne!
      Thanks for reading my blog! I am glad you enjoyed it! You made a very good point about we are still expected to be “perfect” even though us women have so much more going on. It’s like they say if you don’t look like a Calvin Klein model don’t expect us to look like a Victoria Secrets model. Everyone is unique in there own way and you just have to get to know them first before judging them. I also hope people see this from a girls point of view!

      Thanks Again,
      Big Will

  3. Dear Willy,
    I really liked this blog, it really does show so many things that women can do, and it is very true. Being a woman I totally agree with everything you said! I really like all the points you made, it makes me feel more empowered and your blog is definitely really strong! Way to call them out! I really enjoyed it! I hope every guy can read this!

    • Dear Hayley,
      Thanks for reading my blog! I truly believe everything I said.You should feel empowered and proud to be a women. I am glad that it affected you in some way. Again guys are too stubborn to realize how much better we are than they are. 😉

      Willie Sue

  4. Dear Willy,

    This blog is great! The points you made were so true. I would like to see guys have to put up with half the things we do. They always say that “women are weak” and I think that we have definitely proved them wrong and you show that in this blog. I really enjoyed it and I think everyone else will too!

    Paige Phillips

    • Dear Paige,
      Thank you for reading my blog! Glad you enjoyed it and can relate. Guys just don’t understand what we go through and they believe that everything we do go through is nothing. We definitely do prove guys wrong, they are just to stubborn to admit it! 🙂

      Willie Sue

  5. Willy,
    I loved reading this! I don’t think that guys realize how hard it is to be a girl. Maybe after they read this, they will have a better understanding of what being a girl is really like.

    • Dear Makenzie,
      Thanks for reading my blog! Glad you enjoyed it! I hope guys start to realize we are equal and deserved to be treated equal. Guys should realize or maybe even go through the things we do to understand what it is like being a woman.

      Willie Sue

  6. Dear Willy,
    Once I saw the heading of this blog I immediately knew it was you. Interesting to read with all of your funny remark that makes the blog better. Great job in this blog but men are still better haha
    -Oscar Cortez

    • Dear Oscar,
      Thank you for reading my blog. I try to keep my personality and voice in my writing. Women are way better and I listed multiple reason why, you have not listed any. 🙂 On a side note, first off you spelled my name wrong and we are friends so you should know how to spell it. Therefore, men are not better because you can’t spell my simple name.

  7. Dear Willie,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post because I know your pain. I don’t know many girls that act like the “always polite women” you mentioned. Double standards are such an issue in this world.
    -Riley W

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