Paid in Full Review

Perhaps this is the greatest movie of its genre, Paid in Full is a fictional story based off of characters that came up in the rough drug scene of 1980’s Harlem. Ace Boogie played by (Wood Harris) started off as a regular dude that worked in the Dry Cleaning business with no intention to even to get into the drug game at first. One day while he was dropping off deliveries and he crosses paths with a guy named Lulu and from that day on Ace’s life was never the same. Ace’s best friend went by the name of Mitch or Money Mitch as people called him, he was a very popular and flashy drug dealer from Jump Street he basically was his own kingpin.

So Ace would always see Mitch grinding and he knew that he was in the drug game the funny thing was that Mitch didn’t even try and get Ace involved. He would always say that Ace would be the “George Jefferson of the ghetto” in reference to his daily job at the Dry Cleaners little did both of them know that Ace would become one of the greatest Kingpin’s that Harlem has ever seen.

One day a guy that moved work for Mitch got robbed and them being on the mean streets of Harlem Mitch knew that someone would have to pay. When they found the guy who did it Mitch kept backed up his word and ended up having to do some time for it. While Mitch was away in Jail Ace was out on the streets grinding. A guy that was dating Ace’s sister named Calvin had always showed Ace cheese and tried to get him down with the dope game but the day that he went to jail Ace’s life changed forever. The cocaine that Lulu left in his pants for Ace to find was soon sold to one of Calvin’s clients and from then on Ace Boogie became the man in the streets.

While Mitch was in jail he had a confrontation and got jumped, this is where Rico came in he say Mitch getting jumped and he helped him out to get respect from him because everyone knew that Mitch was first in line to get put on by Ace when he came back. So when he got out he got put on then they bought in Rico to the equation and they were all eating. Pulling up in the best cars dressing in the flashy clothes, they were at the top. Until Calvin got out of jail and wanted back into the game it went downhill from there. He ended up robbing Ace and shooting him 4 times but Ace survived. Meanwhile Mitch had a little brother named Sonny, he was close to him throughout the movie and after Mitch kicked out his family Ice, Sonny was kidnapped and held for ransom.

After being shot Ace got out the game, his last work was giving Mitch 14 key’s to sell so he can get the ransom money. While he was on the way to sell them he met up with Rico this is where it got worse. When they were talking Rico shot and killed Mitch and stole the coke and he even tried to lie to Ace and help look for people that did it. Ace was smarter than that and after meeting with Rico he set him up to sell some coke to the feds so he would get popped. Rico went for it and he got pinched and got 25 to life. Ace lived happily after all of it with his Wife in Daughter but had a heavy heart from the murder of his friend Mitch. He still ended up being the George Jefferson of the ghetto after all.    Image


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