Roses Forever

Roses forever. A great Valentines gift for that special someone or just as a thank you gift.

Do you remember as a child making little things out of clay or play doh? As a child I enjoyed this very much I made lots of things out of clay. One of the things I would often make were clay roses that my Grandmother loved to receive and she would keep every single one that I would give to her. I would also make then for others randomly a lot of people thought they were so amazing and unique and often asked how they were made.

It is quite simple…

The items you will need will be….

  • Clay
  • Paint (not necessary just to make the final project pretty)

First you will need a sizable amount of clay/play doh and make it more malleable to manipulate.

Then cut off a small chunk and role into a “snake”. The “snake” will be longer then what you need it to be so tear off until you have about an inch long piece.


Put aside this piece and tear off another small amount of clay /play doh and roll it into a small ball. Place the small ball in the palm of your hand and press firmly with your other palm to create a thin petal like piece.



You will need the “snake” now. Take your petal and form it around your “snake”. Leave a little of the “snake” showing so that it looks like the flower is not completely open.


You will keep repeating the petal and wrapping stage until you have the size of rose you like. When you are placing the petals you always need to make sure you are not putting your petals even with the others. If you do your rose will look funky. When you are completely done your rose should look a little like the picture below.


This is a easy and simple craft to do and is great for valentines gifts to show your eternal love for that special someone. It is also a cheap decorating idea for wedding receptions or baby showers. You can also paint them to make them prettier. If you wish to paint them I would suggest acrylic paint.

Here is a link if you are more of a visual person.

Tell me did you ever make anything like this as a child? Do you have and better ways to create roses? Have you ever used this idea for any special events?


11 thoughts on “Roses Forever

  1. I really liked your blog, thanks for sharing. It was very detailed and told me exactly what to do. I really liked how you started it off relating it to something person and from your childhood. It brought out the inner kid in me and really makes me want to try this! The ending result looks great, I think its very cute and creative.
    thanks again!

    • Thank you! I am very glad it was easy to understand. Relating it back to my Grandmother really took me back. She and I use to do lots of crafts like this together. Again I am really glad you think it is a great idea!

  2. Hey Alex,
    Thanks for sharing this super cool, easy and cute idea for a Valentines Day gift. I’ve always loved doing homemade crafts for people. I never made anything like this as a child because I would probably think it was a little too complicated, but I wish I would’ve at least attempted to try it. I think that to top this off it would be really pretty to paint it red and put some glitter/sparkles on it. I think that you would enjoy my blog post as well it teaches you how to make some interesting Christmas ornaments!

    -Courtney F

    • Courtney,
      Thanks for commenting and reading. I am glad it was easy for you to follow and I really hope you try it sometime as a gift. I can see this project being complicated for children my little sister is 11 and I still do not think she can completely do this, but at least she has tried. I very much agree with painting it red and adding sparkles/glitter to dazzle it up a bit for a flashy decoration/present. I will also make sure to check out your blog I could use some go ideas for Christmas presents or crafts to do with my little sister.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Alex!

    Your clay roses are definitely more classy than the tissue paper ones I made as a kid! This reminds me of the Facebook thing that went around about a guy getting his girl a dozen roses and said, “I’ll love you until the last one dies.” and the last one was a fake rose so it lasted forever. I am taking ceramics this semester, so I will have to try to figure out how to incorporate these roses into my projects, they just look so nice!

    ~Kayla O.

    • Kayla,

      Thanks for reading! I would have to agree I use to make tissue paper roses to and they defiantly did not look as good as the clay ones. Oh and I read that on Facebook as well. I always thought it was so sweet and to be completely honest I kind of wish a guy would do that for me. I am in ceramics next semester and I am hoping to incorporate something similar to these in a project.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! This is so cute and such a great idea. I would have never thought about doing something so unique or so small. I think that something like this would be more sentimental than getting actual roses. This is handmade and worth doing! Thank you for sharing.
    -Mikayla A.

    • Thank you Mikayla,

      It is often the small things people forget about but, I am glad you think it is a great idea and worth doing. I do believe that the people who I gave keep them as a sentimental token to remember me by. I hope you try this some time as a gift to someone or just for fun!

      • I probably will!! It seems interesting and fun!!! I love doing things with my hands so this will be a fun little project. My son could even help me on it.

  5. Hello Alex!

    Thank you for sharing your great idea. I hate when you get roses for a gift or from a funeral and they die. Of course you want to keep those roses for the memory and cherish them. I also love how they are hand made and not bought from the store. I am one of those gift givers that like to make things for people or give them something I think is meaningful. Thanks again for the instructions how to do this.

    -Willie Sue

    • Thank you Willie,

      I agree with you. Keeping the roses you receive as a gift or a funeral you know they will die and you will have to toss them. I think it means a lot more to hand make a project for some one then to go and buy them something because, they know you took time to make that project for them and that you put your heart into it. I really hope you try this some time.

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