Think You Got What It Takes? How To Be An All Around Cheerleader

We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how about you? Have you ever noticed those people on the side lines? It’s a lot more than just yelling and jumping up and down. We do all of that but we do a lot more than just that. What makes a good cheerleader, some may ask? To be a good cheerleader you have to have facials, enthusiasm, good flexibility, jumps, tumbling, stability, and be super strong.

Sounds like a lot more than just jumping up and down, right? Because it is. Most people don’t realize the amount of hard work we put into each game and practice. It takes a lot to be a cheerleader and I don’t think most football players could.


Cheerleading is like a mixture of gymnastics and dancing, add in the chants and stunts. Especially when there is guy cheerleaders, they have to lift a girl up all by themselves. It takes a lot of work and dedication. 2084299c40708094d019784da2c8d432

How to be a good cheerleader, first you start of with being loud making sure you get the audience involved in the games and have fun while doing it. Then you have to start stunting and make sure you wow the crowd and also you can’t drop, because it will make you look bad and you can’t be an all around cheerleader that way.

Next you always have to know how to tumble, its not all about the games when it comes down to it. Its about the competitions you go to, all great cheer teams have amazing tumbling.  That is where your going to need previous experience, its very hard to master in such a short amount of time.

Being able to do a routine takes a lot of energy and stamina. You think you could? Throw girls around for 5 minutes non-stop? sounds simple right, wait until practices when you have to run your routine over and over again until its perfect. Doesn’t sound so easy does it?

One of the best cheer teams:  They know how to be an all around cheer team every single one of them are.

Cheerleaders are very much athlete’s and are very devoted. It is one of the most dangerous sports and after doing it you will know why. Having to throw someone up can be very dangerous especially if something goes wrong, that’s how we get bruises and scratches. But you got to keep pushing through making smiles and keep dancing to look pretty in front of the crowd. Cheerleading is like a diamond ring, it looks glamorous but you never know the work put into it.

Still thinking you want to be an All Around Cheerleader? It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and practice. You have to be able to do jumps and have a smile on your face. Even when the going get tough you don’t quit and you keep pleasing the crowd. That’s what it takes to be a cheerleader. Do you have what it takes?






3 thoughts on “Think You Got What It Takes? How To Be An All Around Cheerleader

  1. Dear Hayley,

    Congratulations on cheering and all by coming so far. Its great to see someone work so hard and be so dedicated to one thing that people harp on so much. Cheer is a sport and definitely a difficult one by far. Many people are just mad because they can’t do the things you girls and guys do. I know I couldn’t do it hah. I’ll support you though!

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