La Fiesta Review

Do you love Mexican food? If so you should definitely check out, La Fiesta. I love Mexican food and I knew I could not live somewhere that I could not get good Mexican food like I do at home. Where I am from we have a restaurant called, Jose Peppers, and I go there at least once a week. When I heard about La Fiesta here in Mcpherson, I knew I had to try it.

The best part about Mexican restaurants is the free chips and salsa, so this would be one of my first review points. The host got us seated right away and we got our chips and salsa within 5 minutes. The chips and salsa were even better than the ones I get at home. I could tell the chips were definitely cooked fresh and the salsa had just enough spice in it for my liking. I also loved the fact that each person got their own dish of salsa.


The menu had a lot of choices. There were appetizers, combo meals, and a la carte options. I ordered the El Paso which was a combo meal. It was a chicken burrito and chicken enchilada. It was very tasty and just enough to fill me up.

The service was excellent. There was really no wait time for anything even though they were fairly busy. We always had full drinks and endless chips and salsa. My check ended up being around $12 with the tip. I would not eat there that often only because my budget is so limited but I will definitely go back!

There are only so many places to eat in Mcpherson but I haven’t gotten the chance to explore all the restaurants, what are some good places to eat around here besides the typical Applebee’s, Mcdonald’s, Taco Bell? I still need to find a good Chinese place! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Riley W


4 thoughts on “La Fiesta Review

  1. whitril,
    This was a good article. It was well written and I would have to agree with all that you said. The food is really good, and I am the same way in that I need good Mexican food. Have you thought about trying Tres Amigos? That is also another good choice for Mexican food and I might say its even better than La Fiesta. Again, this was a good article and I will keep La Fiesta in mind before I go straight to Taco Bell for food.
    Emerson V.

  2. Whitril,
    I agree with your article review of “La Fiesta”. Being hispanic, I enjoy eating mexican food wheneven its available to eat it. I definitely agree with you about the salsa and chips which can’t be miss in a mexican restaurant as an apetizer. Great food and service makes this place feel a little like home. One thing that I think this restaurant does need is more variety of mexican soft drinks. Tres amigos is also another mexican restaurant you should try that will leave you satisfy. One will happily take homemade food any day than fast food restaurants like Taco bell, Wendys or Mcdonalds.
    -Oscar Cortez

  3. This is a great restaurant in my opinion. The place has good food, service, and atmosphere I do agree about the chips and salsa. Every mexican restaurant should have some chips and salsa. Tres amigos is another great restaurant to try as well.

  4. Hey, I really enjoy your review. I have only been to La Fiesta once while I have been up in Mcpherson and it was a great expirince. I love their food, and I agree about the salsa. I will definatly consider going to La Fiesta again in the future. Thank you for your review.

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