Is Eminem the Best Rapper Ever?

Marshall Mathers LP 2

Eminem, the rapper that all of the kids love but the one that all of the parents aren’t too fond of.  Eminem has always been known as the rapper that curses all the time and the guy who always raps mad. All of that is true about Eminem, but even though that is what he is known for he has always been considered for being one of the best rappers ever.

The most recent CD that Eminem has released is called Marshall Mathers LP 2 and I will be reviewing how good the CD is and where it puts Eminem for being the best rapper ever.  The Cd was released on November 5th and has been a big hit ever since it was released into the stores.

The Cd was great, when i listened to it, there were just songs that stuck out to me that showed how Eminem was the best rapper ever.  For example his song called So Far, is an uptempo beat with all kinds of instruments in it, and it is a song that nobody has ever really made, but it showed how creative he can be with his beats and still be able to make people love his music.

Ask about anyone in this world that has listened to a fair amount of rap and they will probably say that most rappers rap about 4 things, and that is girls, alcohol, drugs and money, and they would be right because that is what most rap about.  Not Eminem though, he takes the problems that he has in his life and he puts all of that into his music. I believe that, that us one of the biggest reasons that he is so popular. He has song that are about real life problems, so people are able to relate to those song because they are going through the same problem.

     There is a total if 21 songs on his new Cd, most song range from 3 to 3 and 1/2 minutes long. On his cd the shortest song is 4 minutes long and the longest is 7 minutes. He is able to rap about songs as long as he wants, he never seems to run out of things to rap about.


The final part that I am going to talk about is just one song that blew my mind. That song was Rap God. The title explains it’s self, he is a rap god. I’m this song he is rapping about him being the best rapper and it’s a good song, then you get to the end of the song and he proves that he is the best. He raps 6,077 words in 6:05 seconds. That ends up to be around 16.4 words per second. There is an article that talks about the speed he raps and and has lyrics.

If you just listen to the lyrics that he is rapping you will understand why he is the greatest rapper ever.  He is a rap genius, he always has something new to surprise you. I have listened to his new Cd a lot and I think that it is a great Cd. I think that he did prove that he is one of the best rappers ever. If you haven’t listened to the Marshall Mathers LP 2 then you need to go listen to it, and when you have come back and leave a comment to let me know, do you agree with me?

Ethan Hett


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